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MEP of Romani origin Soraya Post asks ROMEA TV: How can Czech President Zeman be so stupid?

22.3.2019 9:31

Yesterday the fourth annual Roma Week at the European Parliament in Brussels came to a close. According to one of the initiators of the event, MEP Soraya Post, who is herself of Romani origin, European politicians have failed to address the bad situation Romani people find themselves in across the continent.

"The social problems we [Roma] are facing are the consequences of the huge hate and the consensus that different actors in history have made," Post told ROMEA TV. "We are not in the Government, we don't put [forward] the decisions - they are, and they have failed. If they would have been successful, I would have had water and electricity and my children would go [to] school every day in Slovakia, in Hungary, in the Czech Republic, in Romania, in Sweden - everywhere. So they didn't do their job well. It's their failure."

Post believes some politicians are creating an atmosphere of hate in society. "You have Miloš Zeman - how can he, in that position, be that stupid, to speak out as he has done? The Deputy Prime Minister [Karakachanov] in Bulgaria - where is his intelligence?" Post asked, referring to the anti-Romani remarks made by these politicians.

According to the Romani MEP from Sweden, Romani people must stand up and say: Enough already! "They have to organize themselves, go into politics, educate, go out, demonstrate across the world, globally," Post told ROMEA TV.

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