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May 26, 2022



Mundi Romani wins UNESCO 2010 Partnership

Budapest, 25.8.2010 16:26, (ROMEA)

Mundi Romani – the World through Roma Eyes, an award-winning monthly news documentary series co-produced by the Romedia Foundation (Hungary) and Duna Television Hungary, won the competition organized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in the framework of its 2010 International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures. As a UNESCO partner, the UN campaign’s logo will from now on appear on eight Duna Television Hungary programs, including Mundi Romani. The other winner in the competition is Franco-German broadcaster ARTE.

The UNESCO International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures 2010 is part of the global framework of an Alliance of Civilizations launched by the United Nations. Within the larger framework of intercultural dialogue, special focus is placed on a series of good practices to encourage cultural pluralism at the local, regional and national leve las well as regional and sub-regional initiatives aimed at discouraging all expressions of extremism and fanaticism and highlighting values and principles that bring people together. Equitable exchange and dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, based on mutual understanding and respect and the equal dignity of all cultures is the essential prerequisite for constructing social cohesion, reconciliation among peoples and peace among nations.

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