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January 26, 2022



New report on situation of IDPs in Serbia

EU, 30.4.2007 16:45, (ROMEA/UNHCR)

UNHCR together with the NGO Praxis has just released an update of its 2005 report “Analysis of the Situation of Internally Displaced Persons from Kosovo in Serbia and Montenegro: Law and Practice". The organisations notice that the 206.879 IDPs from Kosovo who live in Serbia still face obstacles in the realization of basic rights.

The report particular points out at the situation situation of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian IDPs most of whom it notices “live in truly deplorable conditions, often well below the level of human dignity" and are frequently victims of discrimination. Accordingly, their situation has deteriorated over the last ten years. In addition, the report looks at the situation of forcibly repatriated people from Western Europe, in their majority Roma:

The report can be downloaded at: 

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