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August 18, 2018
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New Zealand grants asylum to family from Czech Republic with non-Romani and Romani members because of neo-Nazi death threats

29.1.2018 18:24
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Radio New Zealand reported today that a woman and her three sons have been awarded political asylum in New Zealand because they faced death threats from neo-Nazis in their home country of the Czech Republic. The father of two of the boys is Romani, their adopted brother is also Romani, and according to their non-Romani mother, her children have faced, among other things, discrimination in education because of their ethnicity.

The authorities in New Zealand first awarded refugee status just to one nine-year-old boy from the family. After his brothers and mother appealed, they were awarded international protection as well.

Radio New Zealand reports that the woman separated from her Romani partner in 2013 and told the immigration court that her family began receiving death threats from neo-Nazis and that somebody threw fireworks at their apartment building in the Czech Republic. The woman also testified that her oldest son had faced segregation at school as well as emotional and physical abuse because of his ethnicity and that his teachers did nothing about it.

The woman told the court she had adopted her second son from a children's home and that, according to Radio New Zealand, he was recommended for enrolment into a school for children with special needs just because he was "Romani and black". It was that second boy, the middle child of the three, who was awarded asylum in New Zealand last year after his first request, and the rest of the family was awarded asylum on appeal.

The immigration court decided the entire family had been victims of harassment "as part of an escalating campaign of hate crimes" in the Czech Republic. Radio New Zealand reports the family testified that the children were called "dirty gypsies" at school, in public parks, in shops and on the street.

The harassment began escalating, according to the court records, in 2015 when the family reportedly received a letter stating that somebody "better than Hitler" would soon appear and get rid of them. Another letter received by the family reportedly asked rhetorically: "Gas smells good, doesn't it?"

The woman testified to the immigration court that the Czech Police never even made any record of her complaints about this treatment. In 2016 the family reportedly had to hide for an entire night in their bathroom after hearing somebody throw fireworks at their apartment unit, because they were afraid that the exploding objects being thrown might be Molotov cocktails.

The family fled to New Zealand after that incident. Radio New Zealand reported that court records state that after that evening "The mother undertook immediate steps leading to their getaway in order to avoid further escalation."

The court also stated that in the Czech Republic, anti-Romani demonstrations, marches and unrest began in 2013 and that hate crimes and racism in the Central European country are becoming "more and more normal". Now it has ruled that it is granting the family asylum because they face persecution in their home country.



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Tomáš Ščuka: Romani people need competent representation first and foremost, not Romani representation at all costs

1.8.2018 10:04
I would like to discuss one of the big deficiencies in the Romani community, and that is the active participation of Romani people in political life. Thanks to the existence of online social networks, which make communications and the opportunity to share opinions so easy, we have recently been able to follow different calls to action, discussions, and similar inputs from the widest possible sample of Romani people across the Czech Republic who are frequently expressing their views of the necessity for higher participation by our community and sharing their perspectives.
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Edita Stejskalová calls on Czech Govt to create the position of Commissioner for Romani Affairs

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Speaking yesterday at a demonstration in Prague, Edita Stejskalová, a civil society member of the Czech Government Council on Romani Minority Affairs, called for the Czech Government to immediately create the position of a Commissioner for Romani Affairs. "Romani people do not live in poverty and social exclusion by choice! Romani people are entitled to equal, fair treatment! Romani people do not want to live on the fringes of society! Romani people are demanding that EU institutions and their own Governments educate society to respect the rights of all citizens, and we ask the courts to thoroughly punish advocacy of political opinions based on theories of racial superiority! Romani people demand adequate protection of their lives and personalysecurity, as is guaranteed to all citizens! Romani people demand active, seriously-conceived participation from the national to the international level in decision-making processes," she called on the authorities in a speech that news server is publishing in full translation below.
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Slovak Govt Plenipotentiary for the Romani Community: Žilina is a textbook example of hate crime

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The recent attack on Romani people in Žilina, Slovakia, one of whom is hospitlaized with a brain hemorrhage, is a textbook example of hate crime according to the Slovak Government Plenipotentiary for the Romani Community, Ábel Ravasz (a member of the Most-Híd party), and should be prosecuted as one. The chair of the Romani Union civic association in Slovakia (ÚRS), František Tanko, says Romani people abroad and in Slovakia are outraged by the racist crime and have announced a protest march in Žilina.
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