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August 15, 2022



Newly-elected Slovak MP Jarmila Vaňová: I thank Romani voters for coming out and demanding change

1.3.2020 16:47
Jarmila Vaňová (PHOTO: personal archive of  Jarmila Vaňová)
Jarmila Vaňová (PHOTO: personal archive of Jarmila Vaňová)

Speaking to news server in Prague, Jarmila Vaňová, who was elected an MP to the unicameral legislature in the Slovak Republic yesterday on the ticket of the victorious Ordinary People and Independent Figures (OLaNO) movement, said she plans to dedicate herself to the same subjects she has focused on until now: education, human rights, and social policy. "I thank all my voters, the people who supported me, encouraged me, and aided me in the field. All those who participated in my campaign, the Romani mayors, the MPs, the activists, ordinary people who believed in me, my friends and my family. Without the support of all those people, this would not have been possible. I appreciate each vote, every one of who you drew that little circle," she said.

"Thanks go to my fellow candidates, we gave each other mutual support, and to the Romani Coalition Party (SRK) for delegating me to the candidate list of the OLaNO party, and naturally to Igor Matovič, who gave us a chance to be on his candidate list full of brilliant people," said Vaňová, who is pleased and perceives it as quite positive that there will be three Romani representatives in the legislature. "During the entire campaign I told the voters that we Romani people also need to have our representatives so the Romani voice can be heard. This is, at the same time, a great responsibility the voters have tasked us with, and I am approaching it with a great deal of humility," the new MP said to news server

"I am grateful to the Romani people who demonstrated their amazing mobilization to their fellow citizens in the Slovak Republic. I thank them for coming to the polls and demanding change," she said, adding that she will dedicate herself to the areas that interest her and to which she is devoted - education, human rights, and social policy.

In addition to Jarmila Vaňová, two other Romani candidates were elected for OLaNO, Ján Herák and Peter Pollák Jr. The parliamentary elections in Slovakia were convincingly won by the anti-corruption movement, OLaNO, chaired by Matovič, winning almost a quarter of all votes yesterday, the most of any political group running.

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