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January 26, 2022



Roman Catholic Charity Attaked for Hosting Rroma People

Pavia, Italy, 11.9.2007 10:53, (Church News)

In Italy, Pavia, citizens attacked a Roman-Catholic Church charity for hosting Rroma. During last months many Rroma were attacked just for being in Italy. The worst crime was when a band of teenagers burn to death a camp of Rroma/Sinti and children died in fire. Yet, only few journalists dear to say those criminals are fascists.

Now we have a new fact: Attack on Church for hosting Rroma. Those people were taken in care by the Church, were not dirty, they made no trouble and although living in simplicity as everywhere in Church Charities they were not welcomed.

Let me underline, that the Rroma/Sinti were not attacked this time BUT THE CHURCH.
Why? For daring to host Rroma/Sinti. This is indeed a warning message to the Churches in Europe. The attackers, through this action are warning the Churches not to work for Rroma/Sinti as they will suffer consequences.

It is well known that at their own initiative or under the umbrella of the Conference of European Churches all Churches in Europe have helped Rroma or Non-Roma NGOs to work for alleviating the situation of Roma/Sinti.

European authorities must act now.

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