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August 17, 2022



Roman Kwiatkowski, chair of the Association of Roma in Poland: We must thank the non-Roma for how they are aiding the Roma fleeing Ukraine

9.3.2022 9:49

The chair of the Association of Roma in Poland, Roman Kwiatkowski, estimates that approximately 500 Romani refugees from Ukraine have fled into Poland ahead of the advances of the Russian Army so far. "For the time being there is enough room in Poland and non-Romani people in Poland are receiving Romani refugees from Ukraine," he said in an exclusive interview for ROMEA TV (click on the gear icon to access English subtitles).

"It's necessary to thank the non-Roma for aiding the Roma," he said, adding that if cases of discrimination have occurred, they have been the excesses of individuals. "It's not necessary to look at whether somebody is or isn't Romani, we need to see that these are human beings."

"Everybody fleeing is a citizen of Ukraine and should receive aid," Kwiatkowski told ROMEA TV. He co-founded the Association of Roma in Poland and has chaired it since 1997.  

Kwiatkowski is a co-author of many publications that are academic, journalistic and popular-scientific, as well as several monographs, and established the magazine Dialog-Pheniben, where he is on the editorial board. The Association of Roma in Poland annually convenes a commemoration to honor the memory of the annihilation of those who were imprisoned in what was called the "Gypsy Camp" of the Auschwitz death camp run by Nazi Germany.

ryz, sam, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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