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August 20, 2022



Romani rappers P. A. T. and Rytmus in new video: Czechs and Slovaks are "drunk on hatred"

5.4.2018 7:47

P.A.T. and Rytmus have released a new video for their song "Neprispôsobiví" ("Inadaptables"). The harsh lyrics are about racism against Romani people.

The video features unabashedly vulgar lyrics accompanying clips of racists. "Hey you racist, your state and your media painted your picture of me ..." or "You tar us all with the same brush because the media never show a Gypsy living normally" are some of the lyrics.

"I'm standing here for my race, ok, I know we are not blameless, but what you think of me was put in your mind by the tv news ...," raps P. A. T., who does not hold back and makes it fully clear in the new single that Romani people are frequently depicted by the Government or the media in a negative light only, which further perpetuates  discriminatory and racist opinions about them in society.

"Czechs and Slovaks are drunk on hatred," the rapper says. The chorus, sung by Rytmus, is: "It's always just us, the inadaptables. You created us, yes, we are in your image."

Some of those holding picture frames around their faces in the video include the singer Monika Bagárová and Igor Kmeťo. The new song was released on 2 April and has immediately become a hit, with the harsh, strong lyrics prompting various responses.

Many people who have seen the video are posting to online social networks to say that finally somebody from the Romani community is expressing how much they dislike the way society approaches them. They disagree with tarring all Romani people with the same brush and despite the "incorrect" way the rappers express themselves, they like the composition.

Some are also critical of the piece and dislike the lyrics. Reportedly they consider them too inappropriate and vulgar.

dm, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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