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August 16, 2022



Romani Women’s Day: We Are Not A Problem, But An Opportunity!

Budapest, 8.3.2014 21:26, (ROMEA)
We Are Not A Problem, BUT An Opportunity! ‘Romani Women’s Day!’ (PHOTO: Romedia Foundation)
We Are Not A Problem, BUT An Opportunity! ‘Romani Women’s Day!’ (PHOTO: Romedia Foundation)

This year, to coincide with the 8th of March International Women’s Day, Romedia Foundation launched a call to action to Roma Women Organizations from all over Europe. The initiative, devised under the auspices of UNESCO’s Global Alliance on Gender and Media, following Romedia’s participation at the The First Global Forum on Media and Gender in Bangkok, 2013, intends to draw attention to the need for a global means, including media partnerships, promoting a fair and equal media representation of Romani women in the media, contributing to an increased visibility of one of the most vulnerable minority groups in Europe.

‘We are not a problem, but an opportunity!’- We wanted to turn this year’s celebratory day into a special occasion for the voices of Romani women to be added to the global debate. With this in mind, we initiated the ”We are not a problem BUT an opportunity” visual campaign, animated by the need to actively react to the alarming trend that sees the freedom of movement in Europe treated as a “Roma problem”.

We have had people from many European countries, such as Hungary, Romania, Albania, Germany, Italy, Finland, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova and Sweden join our visual campaign, thus contributing to our Global action plan and embodying a proactive, grassroots approach with regards to a hugely important Global matter.

‘Sharing their story!’ - Undertaking this grassroots approach, Romani women took pictures of themselves, holding the sign of their protest, contributing, in this manner, to a solidarity network that questions the deeply rooted societal prejudices they have to confront, institutionally and in their everyday life. This is a simple, yet incredibly powerful act, as every depiction of Roma women in the mainstream media always abides to the same rules, being filled with loaded, borderline-racist terms and presenting them as alien and mired in stereotype, with little space for their message to be ever heard. Along with the ones who joined us in this challenging, but crucial task, we want to promote change through the insertion in media of powerful examples of Romani women.

In the following days we will be sharing the contributions to the visual campaign, in the hope that it will serve to kick-start a public debate regarding the role of Roma women in European society.

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