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June 26, 2022



Sarkozy to see Pope after French crackdown on Gypsies

France , Nevada (US), 11.10.2010 16:07, (ROMEA)

The Associated Press has reported that French President Nicolas Sarkozy had an audience with the Pope at the Vatican in what is seen to be an attempt to mend France’s image after the controversial expulsion of Gypsies.

The French government has linked Roma with crime and expelled more than a thousand to Romania and Bulgaria, according to the report.

Pope Benedict, in a recent speech to pilgrims at his summer residence urged people to accept "legitimate human diversity" and asked parents to "educate your children about universal brotherhood."

Meanwhile Hindus are said to be disappointed with the visit as reported by website. Hindu statesman, Rajan Zed reportedly said in a statement in Nevada (US) that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI should have strongly told Sarkozy that he was not upholding "Christian values" by continuing to ill-treat Roma.

He added that, as the most powerful religious leader in the world the Pope has a moral obligation to make efforts to stop human rights violations against the Roma in Europe.

Nathalia Odwin, Associated Press,
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