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October 20, 2020



Shut down this Facebook hate site!

EU, 8.2.2010 12:31, (ROMEA)

The anti racist group "Love Music HateRacism" as called for the shutting down of an anti-Romanian hate site on facebook. LMHR issued the following statement: Today we were alerted to a facebook group--''I Hate Romanian Gypsies''-- that targets what the creator Aaron Prestley calls ''Romanian Gypsies''.

Lets have a look at what Aaron Prestley has to say on her group...

''No I do not need my windscreen washed with fairy liquid and urine, served in a greasy 7UP bottle. No, I'm not giving you my parking meter money. No, pinching your baby so it crys will not make me give you money. No I don't approve of ending a days begging by jumping into an S Class Mercedes.

I have been advised to change the name of this group to "I Hate Gypsies" to remove any raciest connotations. The Romanian part of the title, tho descriptive is not fair as their home/nest is in Bulgaria. This is not anything to do with impoverished nations trying to survive, or people begging to feed their family. Anyone who actually did any reading on gypsies would know THIS IS OGRANISED CRIME. Not racial slurs.''

Not only is her spelling terrible,but her ignorance is astounding as she tries to say that Romanian people ''Nest'' in Bulgaria.

We think anyone would agree that this is racist in every sense of the word.Having ''hate'' ,''Romanian'' and ''Gypsies'' in the groups title ,it could not be clearer that this group is meant to create anger and hate towards anyone that looks to ''beg'' or ''tap'' on the street.And the fact that she brands everyone that does this with being from a certain country shows that this is clearly an attack on a specific group.

But what is more alarming is that there are over 3,000 fans of this page.

We would like to point your attention out to this ''I Hate Romanian Gypsies'' Group and would like to ask you all to leave a comment to show your distaste, and then report it to Facebook to be shut down-

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