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August 11, 2022



Slovak opposition movement wants to ban mosque construction

7.3.2017 11:04
Jsme rodina-Boris Kollár (
Jsme rodina-Boris Kollár ("We Are A Family - Boris Kollár") is a political movement that began 2017 in the opposition. (PHOTO:

An opposition movement in Slovakia called "We Are A Family - Boris Kollár" (Jsme rodina-Boris Kollár - JRBK) wants to ban the construction of mosques there. The movement has justified its proposal by alleging that mosques represent a security risk.

The Islamic Foundation in Slovakia has responded by stating that the proposal is yet another move against the Muslim community, which is not very big there. "We want to aid people with continuing to lead their lives in safety. We must prevent the creation of propaganda centers for radical Islam. It is exactly in the mosques where recruitment of future assassins happens," Slovak MP Milan Krajniak (JRBK) told journalists on 1 March.

Krajniak has presented his proposal one month after the nationalist Slovak National Party (Slovenská národní strana - SNS), which is in the coalition government, definitively pushed in the legislature for tightening conditions on the registration of churches. The SNS claims that by proposing amendments to the law it wants to draw attention to the alleged problem of Europe's "Islamicization".

There is no Muslim entity among the registered religious organizations in Slovakia. The chair of the SNS and the head of the legislature, Slovak MP Andrej Danko, previously said he wants to begin a discussion about banning the wearing of burqas in Slovakia.

According to estimates, several thousand Muslims live in the country of five million. The Muslim community has objected to the politicians' initiatives.

"The Islamic Foundation in Slovakia is following with concern the current activities of the governing and opposition political parties that are competing with each other to submit legislation that will further intensify discrimination against citizens who are Muslims," the foundation said. Its representatives also said that beefing up the atmosphere of fear, creating artificial threats, and labeling Muslims "terrorists" and mosques "terrorist centers" is far from responsible and plays into the hands of extremists.

Muslims in Slovakia have become the center of attention in connection with the ongoing migration crisis. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has long rejected proposals to redistribute refugees among the European Union Member States on the basis of compulsory quotas, and he has repeatedly spoken of the necessity to prevent the creation of an integrated Muslim community in Slovakia.

ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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