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July 10, 2020
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Slovak PM: We can't integrate "our own" Roma, to say nothing of refugees

2.9.2015 17:32
Robert Fico (PHOTO: Xmetov)
Robert Fico (PHOTO: Xmetov)

Czech news server reports that on 29 August, during a speech commemorating the anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said:  "Europe is facing an uncontrolled influx of refugees from all over the world. European policy on migration has absolutely failed."

Fico added that Slovakia would reject the idea of mandatory quotas for refugee redistribution should the EU raise it again. He said he believes every country has the right to choose whom it can realistically manage to provide care for.

"After all, let's be honest, we aren't even capable of integrating our own Romani fellow-citizens, of whom we have hundreds of thousands. How can we integrate people who are somewhere completely else when it comes to lifestyle and religion?" he asked.

Like the Czech Republic, Slovakia has rejected the idea that the EU should adopt and enforce mandatory quotas for the redistribution of refugees among the Member States. Germany, however, which is receiving the largest number of refugees, has repeatedly called on EU Member States to agree on such quotas.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes a wealthy Europe is obligated to aid people whose lives are at risk and that it can deal with this crisis. She has also said the EU must act in a coordinated fashion, and fast. 

mik, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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