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October 17, 2021



Slovak politician's billboards reading "STOP LGBT" removed after NGO petition

18.2.2019 11:35
The 2019 campaign billboard for the Slovak Fascist politician Mariana Kotleba, which reads
The 2019 campaign billboard for the Slovak Fascist politician Mariana Kotleba, which reads "The family is a man and a woman. STOP LGBT! Marian Kotleba, Slovak President at last". (PHOTO: R. Ma­ťaš, Institut lidských práv)

In Slovakia the Human Rights Institute, Rainbow Slovakia and Slovak Political Watchdog NGOs jointly filed a criminal report over billboards inciting hatred against the LGBT community. Last week the EuroAWK firm, which provided the billboard space, said they believed the advertisements were in accordance with applicable legislation and were not problematic.

The NGOs, however, managed to accumulate more than 15 000 signatures on a petition calling for the billboards to be removed. "Many remarks made by the representatives of that party can be characterized as aimed at violating human rights, but according to our lawyer, this is the most serious one of all, because when spoken by fans of the 'SlovakState', the phrase 'Stop LGBT!' can be comprehended as a call for people's physical destruction," a Human Rights Institute representative told news server, emphasizing that the lawyers believe EuroAWK's approach to the issue was incorrect.

The lawyers said they considered EurAWK's behavior unacceptable for a serious firm. "Naturally the criminal justice authorities should also take action because the de facto impunity enjoyed by the Kotlebites until now just makes them stronger," the representative said.

EuroAWK then decided to remove the billboards despite its previous statement, and also said it would no longer collaborate on such campaigns. It was said that the problematic visuals would be replaced with different content.

fk, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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