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September 19, 2020



Slovak Romanies discriminated against in employment, services

Bratislava, 26.11.2007 20:45, (ROMEA/CTK)

Slovak Romanies face discrimination while looking for jobs as well as regards access to services in shops and restaurants, People Against Racism civic association representatives told journalists today.

The group has tested a few institutions by sending there a Romany and a person with the white colour of skin with equal demands. The test revealed, for instance, that a Romany client was denied services at a hairdresser and another Romany was not served at a pub.

"Discrimination against Romanies is more often registered in small towns than in big ones. Discrimination does not have a form of an open conflict or threats, but is expressed in a more subtle form," Jaroslava Farkasova from the organisation told journalists.

The testing teams whose members only differed as regards their nationality were looking for a job at the same employer and at the same time.

"Discrimination was registered in eight out of 90 cases. Discrimination against Romanies as regards unequal access to goods and services was registered in 8.6 percent of cases," Farkasova said.

"I was told at a hairdresser that I cannot be booked for services within the next three weeks while my colleague who is non-Romany was booked for the following day," Lucia Hodulikova from the testing team said.

Participants in the experiment also said that when they were looking for a job they were required to submit more personal documents confirming their abilities and that many times they were denied services in a restaurant or a pub.

"A waitress in a pub where I came with my friends refused to serve us. She placed a "reserved" card on our table," Jozef Gabco, one of the participants, said.

According to Farkasova, more expressions of discrimination against Romanies were registered in central and east Slovakia.

Apart from the People Against Racism, the League of Activists for Human Rights, the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights as well as centres of legal assistance provide help to people who feel to be discriminated against.

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