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September 23, 2020



Slovakia: Romani band Sendreiovci perform at concert of Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer

8.6.2017 13:19
The Sendreiovci band together with Kokavakere Lavutára. (PHOTO:  Facebook)
The Sendreiovci band together with Kokavakere Lavutára. (PHOTO: Facebook)

On 2 June the Sendreiovci Romani band performed at the Bratislava concert of the famous Hollywood composer of film scores, Hans Zimmer, one year after performing at his afterparty. "Yesterday we played for the Czech Prime Minister in the Tatras and today we're here," Vlado Sendrei told the Slovak news server

Sendrei's band recorded music for the 2011 film "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows" together with the famous composer. They played two Romani songs during Zimmer's concert last week.

"We're building bridges, the walls are being being done by others," Zimmer said during the concert. He met Sendrei's band thanks to a recommendation from Tomaš Hrustič of the US-based National Democratic Institute and then visited them in Rudnany where they were playing in the "Wandering Romani Strings" project, a series of concerts and singing workshops held directly in the Romani settlements of eastern Slovakia.


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