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May 19, 2022



Slovakia: Romani girl from bad neighborhood did the best on entrance exams, now tutors others

15.6.2018 13:37

Eva Marie Duždová, a Romani girl from Slovakia, is living proof that we should abandon our prejudices and not look at the world in terms of black or white. Eva just came in first place during the entrance examinations for an eight-year college preparatory school in Prešov.

The girl did best on the examinations of all the fifth-graders, Slovak broadcaster RTVS reports. She is a clear example of the fact that children from Romani families, including those living in problematic parts of town, can still achieve academically.

The principal of the college preparatory school said she was not surprised by Eva's success, as Eva's brother already studies there as well and the school is satisfied with him. Eva's homeroom teacher, Lucia Augustínová, cannot praise Eva enough.

"She actually excels in all subjects and is a role model for her peers," the teacher told RTVS. Eva frequently also explains material to other pupils when they don't comprehend it, tutoring them regularly.

The girl's parents are the main force behind her success and have motivated her learning. They did not want her to attend a classroom with other Romani pupils in a segregated setting.

Eva's father, Igor, said he believed it would not have aided his daughter to attend a segregated school. The family's decision has proven to be the right one and Eva is on her way.

vhl, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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