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August 16, 2022



Survey shows Poles like Czechs most, Romani people least

Warsaw, 5.2.2013 17:25, (ROMEA)

The results of a public opinion poll released yesterday in Poland show that the Czech nation is so well-liked that it was the only group to receive more than a 50 % approval rating. The Czechs came in first at 51 % and, according to the Polish Press Agency, have done so for the third time in a row.

The survey was conducted by sociological research company CBOS among more than 1 200 Polish people who were asked to give their opinions of the members of 36 nations. CBOS reported that Slovaks came in second place at 48 %.

The respondents viewed the British as their third best-liked nation at 47 %, followed by Italians at 46 % and Spaniards at 45 %. The Swiss, Irish, Norwegians, Americans and Hungarians also received positive responses. Of the countries immediately adjacent to Poland, the Germans were far behind, with only 38 % of respondents calling them favorites.

When asked about their dislikes, the respondents took the greatest exception to Romani people, with 52 % expressing dislike. Romanians were referred to as disliked by 41 % of respondents, with Russians, Turks, Jewish people and Palestinians coming in just ahead of them in terms of dislike.

Czech Press Agency, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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