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October 25, 2021



Two Slovak youths spray public area with swastikas

Zilina, 5.3.2008 11:44, (ROMEA/CTK)

The police have brought criminal charges against two youths, aged 16-18, for having sprayed Nazi symbols on a number of buildings in Ruzomberok, Central Slovakia, police spokeswoman Jana Balogova told CTK today.

Swastikas as well inscriptions SS and Juden Raus appeared on the local town hall, church, grocery, former school and pub, Balogova said.
If convicted, the youths can be sentenced up to three years in prison, she added.

"The older of the accused bought two sprays and then with his young friend they agreed to voice their fascist conviction in public," Balogova said.
"On Monday afternoon they sprayed six buildings with fascist symbols in the neighbourhood Hrboltova in Ruzomberok," Balogova said.
Swastikas and fascist slogans sprayed on various public places commonly appear in Slovakia.

Last months, four boys aged 9-11 reportedly engraved swastikas on ten cars on a parking lot in Trebisov, East Slovakia. Due to their low age, no prosecution will be started.
In early February, fascism charges were brought against two young people in eastern Slovakia for having painted swastikas and other Nazi symbols at the schools in Levoca and Snina, East Slovakia.

A youth from the Roznava district who sprayed a swastika on his overalls is also facing promotion of fascism charges.

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