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September 29, 2022



Violinist drowns with the Concordia after helping children don life jackets

Italy, 19.1.2012 21:19, (ROMEA)
Deceased violinist Sandor Feher.

One of the people recently identified as a victim of the capsized vessel Concordia is 38-year-old violinist Sandor Feher. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry has confirmed he was a Hungarian citizen.

Sandor Feher, the first officially identified victim of the accident, was working on the ship as a violinist. The Associated Press reports that his mother has identified him in Italy.

The violinist is said to have provided significant assistance in getting life vests onto crying children during the evacuation. He then reportedly returned to his cabin for his violin. Pianist Joszef Balog confirmed that Feher was wearing a life vest when he decided to go back for his instrument.

Feher came from a musical family. His father and grandfather were also violinists. He began playing at the age of six and graduated from the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest in 1998. He passed on the art of the violin to his own pupils, teaching children between the ages of six and 20 through the "ABC" violin method developed by his own teacher, László Dénes, and other musicians. The method is best-known in Germany and Hungary, and Sandor described it as a method that encompasses folk songs worldwide. The violinist was planning to teach violin abroad and "to use this method for the instruction of a new generation of violinists."

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