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September 25, 2021



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videoCzech Culture Minister's statement on Roma Holocaust Memorial Day

8.8.2017 8:25 The anniversary of Roma Holocaust Memorial Day, which commemorates the unprecedented event of the murder of all prisoners of the so-called "Gypsy camp" at Auschwitz-Birkenau on the night of 2 August and early morning of 3 August 1944, was marked this year by Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman through a video message. "We are remembering the victims of the murder of the Romani family camp at Auschwitz," he said, adding that this year he would not be able to attend commemorative events in the Czech Republic due to work obligations outside the country.  full story

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Outdoor travelling exhibition about indigenous Czech Roma and Sinti victims of the Holocaust on view in Prague

25.4.2017 7:10 The Committee for the Redress of the Roma Holocaust (Výbor pro odškodnění romského holocaustu - VPORH) has designed a travelling exhibition called "A Vanished World"
(Zaniklý svět), about the indigenous Czech Roma and Sinti who perished during the Holocaust, which now will be on view in several locations throughout Prague from April through October. Using rare archival materials and photographs, the exhibition presents the life of Roma and Sinti in the Czech lands prior to their imprisonment in the Nazi concentration camps.
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Andrew Schapiro

WWII-era letters from Prague by relatives of former US ambassador describe the advancing Holocaust

20.4.2017 11:12 A book of letters describing the onset of the Holocaust and the gradual introduction of prohibitions for the Jewish population of Prague was launched yesterday at the Lucerna Palace by the editors together with former US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Andrew Schapiro. The letters were written from 1939 through 1941 by his family members, who remained behind in occupied Prague, to their adult children who had managed to move to the USA.  full story

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