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May 21, 2022




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Czech singer gets married on Hitler's birthday at a chateau where the SS were headquartered

25.4.2018 11:06 News server reports that Tomáš Ortel (born Tomáš Hnídek), the singer for the hate-mongering band Ortel, got "secretly" married on Friday, 20 April 2018 at the Zbiroh Chateau. He said "I do" to his longtime girlfriend on Adolf Hitler's birthday in a location where German SS units headquartered their high command during WWII.
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Eduard Oláh, sculptor and stonemason who designed memorial to the Romani victims of Hodonín concentration camp, has passed away

13.2.2018 7:20 After a brief illness the sculptor and stonemason Eduard Oláh - Izrael Ben Eded has passed away at the age of 63. Funeral services were held on Tuesday, 7 February 2018, for the immediate family, which informed news server of his passing.  full story

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Czech President Zeman re-elected

27.1.2018 20:03 Miloš Zeman has been re-elected President of the Czech Republic. He won 51.36 % of the vote, 1 % less than five years ago.  full story

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videoCzech Association of Roma Entrepreneurs and Associations endorses Drahoš, calls on Roma to turn out

26.1.2018 6:51 The President of the Association of Roma Entrepreneurs and Associations of the Czech Republic, Vladimír Leško, has published a video on YouTube aimed at Romani people asking them to take an active part in the election of the President of the Czech Republic in the second round of voting, which begins today and continues tomorrow until 2 pm. Leško, together with other members of the association, clearly declares on YouTube that he will vote for Jiří Drahoš.  full story

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