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October 31, 2020



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Miss Czech Republic 2019 is Nikola Kokyová (second from the right). (PHOTO:  Miss Czech Republic)
Miss Czech Republic 2019 is Nikola Kokyová (second from the right). (PHOTO: Miss Czech Republic)

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Czech Youth Olympics team has its first medal - Romani community can be proud of the record-setting performance too

12.10.2018 9:26 The first medal for the Czech team at the Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games was won during the very first day of competition by weightlifter
František Polák, who came in third in the Men's 56 kg category. On his way to the bronze medal he broke three Czech junior records.  full story

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Czech local election campaign slogan: "Poison alone is not strong enough for these pests" - meaning Romani people

7.9.2018 17:49 Campaigns by various groups and parties in the run-up to the local elections have been launched in the Czech Republic. In addition to slogans that are either empty or populist, there are more slogans being used about which there can be no doubt that they are basically racist and would have fit right in with Nazi propaganda.  full story

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Czech Republic: Low turnout in socially excluded localities, but ANO, Communists and Okamura scored there

22.10.2017 18:27 In socially excluded localities predominantly inhabited by Romani people very few voters went to the polls. The lowest voter participation was at the Chanov housing estate in the town of Most, and voters did not turn out much in the Předlice quarter either.  full story

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Czech village that won Council of Europe's Roma integration award removing benches used by Romani youth

9.7.2017 11:23 The municipality of Obrnice in the Most district of the Czech Republic is removing outdoor benches from its housing estate. Mayor Drahomíra Miklošová (Civic Democratic Party - ODS) told the Czech News Agency that other residents are complaining that small groups of young people have been sitting on the benches late into the night and making noise.  full story

Czech annual report on extremism for 2016: Neo-Nazis leaving the DSSS for National Democracy

20.5.2017 11:40 Extremists held 308 events in the Czech Republic last year, one more than in 2015. Left-wing extremists organzied 133 events, right-wing extremists 129 and anti-immigrant or anti-Islam movements 49 events.  full story

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Czech Gov't Agency for Social Inclusion sees more staff quit over allegedly untransparent hire of new director

30.5.2015 8:19 Wednesday's announcement of the new director of the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion, Radek Jiránek, has not managed to halt the departure of another 10 employees. Notice has been given, for example, by the interim director, Alena Zieglerová, by an expert in debt counseling, and by a lawyer with the Government department.  full story

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New director of Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion will be announced next week

22.5.2015 8:09 Seven candidates have applied for the position of director of the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion. A three-member hiring committee met on 18 May to review their applications.  full story

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