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February 24, 2020
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Václav Klaus, Jr (above), Tomáš Vandas (left), Jaroslav Kubera (right, holding a sign reading
Václav Klaus, Jr (above), Tomáš Vandas (left), Jaroslav Kubera (right, holding a sign reading "I am a smoker"). (Collage:

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Czech educational attainment influenced by social origins, according to experts

30.10.2018 9:54 Chances for children in the Czech Republic to access education are significantly influenced by the economic and social positions of their parents. One negative influence on socially disadvantaged children in the country is, for example, the requirement to pass entrance examinations to secondary schools.  full story

Albania: Romani people left without citizenship anywhere

20.6.2018 8:18 A new report by the European Network on Statelessness (ENS), the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI), and the Tirana Legal Aid Society (TLAS) finds that discrimination is subjecting Romani people to the danger of statelessness in Albania. The report was launched on 8 June in the Albanian capital at an event attended by Government ministers, Romani people who are stateless, and UN officials.  full story

Jonathan Lee: Antigypsyism is a cancer at the heart of Europe

15.6.2018 14:57 Jonathan Lee, who is of Traveller origin, works for the European Roma Rights Centre as their Communications Coordinator. In this interview, Nigel Smith interviews him for the "Deep Dive" program on YouTube's network67society channel.
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Epidemic of hepatitis in Czech town: Local Romani organization offers aid

24.11.2017 8:08 The Czech town of Ústí nad Labem is undergoing an epidemic of hepatitis A, with almost 300 people ill and the disease spreading to other towns in the region. The first outbreak of the epidemic was recorded in the Mojžíř socially excluded locality and other cases have been recorded in Předlice, with the disease later spreading to the "non-Romani" part of town.  full story

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Commentary: Educator running for office confuses ideology with values

30.9.2017 9:25 So, what would you do in this situation: You are employed to work behind the counter of a department where the internal regulations forbid you to fill out forms on behalf of a client. Then an elderly lady comes to your counter whose body shakes so much that she cannot even hold a pen.  full story

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Czech initiative says those in need of housing will not receive it unless law requires it

17.1.2017 8:59 The "Have a Home" (Mít svůj domov) initiative, which brings together more than 90 organizations working in the social sphere, resolutely rejects the Czech Government's proposal not to legally require municipalities to provide social housing in the Law on Social Housing now being drafted. The initiative says that if the law does not require municipalities to provide social housing for needy groups or create some other guarantee that aid will be provided by the state to those in need of housing, most of the 200 000 people now in need of housing will not be housed.  full story

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Carmen Russo: The Fight For a Better Future. Battling Racism in Czech Schools

12.1.2017 12:15 A small group of American interns at The New Presence office were exploring the answer to a seemingly difficult question: Why are some Czechs so outwardly racist?  full story

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Commentary: The local dispute over "counting Roma"

11.11.2016 8:03 A very typical dispute about the "counting of Romani children" has exploded in the Czech towns of Krásná Lípa and Rumburk. Local media distortions are a part of it.  full story

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OECD publishes report on how resources are managed in the Czech education system

2.11.2016 11:26 The OECD has published a report about the situation in the Czech schools when it comes to the management of various resources - financial, human, material, etc. - so that equality in access to education and the quality of education generally can be increased. The assessment was implemented by a team of professionals, both expert staff at the OECD and external consultants.  full story

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Macedonia: Children's education being cut short by early and forced marriages

2.11.2016 7:39 Teen marriages pose a dilemma for primary and secondary education, which in Macedonia is regulated by law, compulsory, and meant to be finished at the age of 18. In practice, teen marriages are still being approved by the authorities, with no one being concerned about the teenagers’ further education. Those most devastated by such parental and institutional actions are girls, who, instead of getting an education and living a normal way of life for their age, are left to continue living in poverty and dysfunctional marriages.  full story

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Commentary: Corporal punishment at the "inclusive school"

4.10.2016 15:12 Recently I have been repeatedly asked to write something about inclusive education. The debate about this topic has become extremely polarized and I have not been able to figure out which end of the spectrum to start from if I want to avoid repeating arguments I have heard 100 times and adding fuel to the fire already burning around this subject.  full story

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Amnesty International: Just 10 countries handle most of the world's refugees, wealthiest doing the least

4.10.2016 13:47 According to a report published today by the human rights organization Amnesty International, the burden of the global refugee crisis on various countries is disproportionately distributed, with most of the world's refugees living in just 10 states. The report called on wealthy states to increase the aid they are providing and to receive the number of refugees that corresponds to their capacity to provide protection.  full story

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Commentary: The Miss Roma competition does more harm than good

25.9.2016 18:29 On Saturday evening the "Miss Roma 2016" competition was held at the House of Culture in the Czech town of Hodonín for the 12th year in a row. I have always had mixed feelings about this contest, but I have never before publicly discussed what bothers me about it because it was always clear to me that it involves a significant emancipatory charge for some Romani community members.  full story

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Analysis from Bulgaria: Anti-Gypsyism is the enemy at the gates

6.9.2016 8:24 How are mobs organized? How do they gather so fast to dispense "justice"?
 full story

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Czech Radio: Political scientist says Europe is not the epicenter of political violence, but anti-Muslim hate is spreading there

30.7.2016 11:27 Tuesday's "Interview Plus" program on Czech Radio focused on the question of the ongoing terrorist attacks in Europe. Ondřej Ditrych, a political scientist at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague and the Institute of International Relations, discussed the impact of how the media reports such events and whether a growth in violence is actually happening in Europe that should give us reason to panic.  full story

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Anti-immigrant Czech MP's opinions publicly criticized by his own brothers

27.7.2016 19:38 The opinions of Czech MP Tomio Okamura have been publicly rejected by members of his family in the media recently. First his brother Osama Okamura and now his brother Hayato, a theologian, have made public statements against Tomio's opinions through interviews with news server  full story

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Parliamentarians of Europe get involved to prevent genocide and mass atrocities and to fight against genocide denial

18.7.2016 15:24 Syria, Iraq, Darfur, Burundi,... The intolerable list of mass atrocities that are committed before our eyes, some of which could develop into genocides, is long. Simultaneously, we are witnessing a rise in genocide denial across our continent, through political parties as well as through a certain popular culture, in varying forms: denial or reversal of facts, relativism, confusion, competition of victims,…  full story

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