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June 27, 2022




Approximately 150 promoters of neo-Nazism marched through the center of Brno on 17 November 2012. (PHOTO:  Czech Press Agency)
Approximately 150 promoters of neo-Nazism marched through the center of Brno on 17 November 2012. (PHOTO: Czech Press Agency)

Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis head to Brno for 1 May, resistance this year will be different

28.4.2017 9:45 Brno residents are not planning to block the 1 May march by the ultra-right convened by the Workers' Youth this year. Instead, they are calling on people through Facebook to organize creative, entertaining, non-violent activities in the city center on 1 May under the slogan "You can't salute the Nazis if you're having a good time" ("Kdo si hraje, nehajluje").  full story

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Czech Police say man with no mask at scene of masked neo-Nazi attack was an anti-conflict officer

9.2.2016 1:02 The Prague Police have responded to numerous discrepancies and questions raised by the media about Saturday's demonstrations and have officially explained some of the moments that transpired. News server is publishing the police press release in full translation here.  full story

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Czech Republic: Opponents of Fascism demonstrate, less than 100 attend ultra-right event

Ostrava/Prague, 17.11.2013 21:33, (ROMEA) Not quite 100 right-wing extremists, including hardcore neo-Nazis from the Workers' Youth, gathered in Prague today at the bottom of Wenceslas Square. Their plan was to march down National Avenue, but police had to reroute their procession, as their way was blocked by around 500 opponents of the neo-Nazis' plan to abuse International Students' Day to promote their ideology.  full story

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Jozef Miker: Hate is No Solution

Krupka, 13.4.2013 3:32, (ROMEA) Who will be chosen as the greatest hero fighting injustice, unfair treatment and wrongs in the Czech Republic? Cast your vote in the survey “Anyone Can Be a Hero” (Hrdinou může být každý) at  full story

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On-line reporting of demonstration against evictions

Prague, 28.1.2013 23:52, (ROMEA) A new initiative called "Housing for All" (Bydlení pro všechny) has arisen in response to the ongoing scandal in the Czech town of Ústí nad Labem, where people where evicted from a building that was unfit for human habitation because the owner let it deteriorate and are now unable to find any normal, permanent housing. Starting at 14:00 CET a protest action took place in front of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Prague. News server followed the demonstration on-line in real time.  full story

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Analysis: Kristallnacht and its connection to Europe today

Prague, 9.11.2012 20:03, (ROMEA) During the late night hours of 9 November and the early morning hours of 10 November 1938, the Nazis in occupied Austria, the occupied border region of the Czech lands, and Germany murdered Jewish people and captured them for the concentration camps. A total of 267 synagogues were burned down or otherwise demolished, 7 500 Jewish apartments and shops were ransacked, 91 Jewish people were directly murdered during the pogrom, and 30 000 ended up in death camps.  full story

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videoThe Guardian: Greece lets fascism grow in security forces

7.11.2012 20:09, (ROMEA) News server Ežurná reports that The Guardian newspaper has quoted a Greek police officer who claims the Greek Government is closing its eyes to fascists and that the ultra-right will probably use this fact to provoke clashes with demonstrators.  full story

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