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November 22, 2017
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Adam B. Bartoš (right), chair of the ultra-right National Democracy party, is a convicted extremist and infamous antisemite, photographed here at an assembly in support of Czech President Miloš Zeman (PHOTO:  Vít Hassan)
Adam B. Bartoš (right), chair of the ultra-right National Democracy party, is a convicted extremist and infamous antisemite, photographed here at an assembly in support of Czech President Miloš Zeman (PHOTO: Vít Hassan)

Commentary: By honoring Zeman, US Jewish organization is promoting the fascisization of Czech society

25.9.2017 9:57 It is always sad when educated, intelligent people lose their judgment thanks to the larger atmosphere in which they operate. A Jewish organization based in the USA has recently given Czech President Miloš Zeman an award calling him a "Warrior for Truth".  full story

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Commentary: Czech politician takes photo with extremists who have records of racist violence

31.8.2017 9:52 There is a great deal that could be written about the long career of Czech politician Jiří Čunek. Some of his fellow Christian Democratic Party members (KDU-ČSL) look up to him, while others would be glad to kick him out if they only could.  full story

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Commentary: Czech politician calls police on American couple - because they're black

28.8.2017 12:59 Earlier this month a local councilor in Hodonín, Roman Sedlačík, caused an uproar by doing something unbelievable. He is a member of the conservative nationalist movement called the "Order of the Nation" (Řád národa), which has become "famous" for making a lot of racist noise, including Holocaust denial.  full story

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Slovak Prosecutor-General files motion to dissolve Kotleba's party

1.6.2017 13:19 The Slovak Prosecutor-General has filed a motion with the court to dissolve the ultra-right Kotleba-Lidová strana Naše Slovensko (Kotleba-People's Party Our Slovakia,
or LSNS). The party is currently seated in Parliament.  full story

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USA: Number of cases of anti-Semitism grows since Trump elected

26.4.2017 7:50 Yesterday the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) announced that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States has been significantly growing since last year's
presidential campaign and the subsequent victory of Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. During 2016, according to the ADL, 34 % more such cases happened compared to 2015.  full story

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Czech Police investigating anonymous antisemitic letter in Prostějov

20.2.2017 6:26 Police are investigating the circumstances of an anonymous letter full of antisemitic insults and vulgarities that has been sent to different people in Prostějov in connection with the sometimes passionate discussion about how to arrange for dignified remembrance at the site of the former Jewish cemetery near the local school. Representatives of an American philanthropic foundation, Kolel Damesek Eliezer, which is attempting to rehabilitate the Jewish cemetery, are planning to report a crime because of the anonymous letter that has been addressed to bureaucrats and residents of Prostějov.  full story

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Slovakia: MP for fascist party criticizes recipients of state honors because of their origins and work

16.1.2017 10:17 Stanislav Mizík, an MP with the fascist party called "Kotleba-People's Party our Slovakia" (LSNS) has criticized Slovak President Andrej Kiska for awarding high state honors to figures such as film director Juraj Jerz and the Czech musician Michael Kocáb. The MP justified his criticism by stating that those honored were of Jewish origin and by disparaging their activities.  full story

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Germany: Researchers find there were more victims of the Holocaust than previously believed

3.1.2017 8:46 The number of victims of the Holocaust from the Jewish communities living on the territory of the German Reich is approximately 15 000 more than has heretofore been reported. According to the German news server Spiegel Online, researchers from Germany's Federal Archive announced the findings on the basis of a detailed study of the fates of individual Jewish people living in Nazi Germany.  full story

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Czech court overturns fine against attorney who objected to expert by alleging he was Jewish

7.12.2016 14:08 The attorney Petr Kočí has successfully appealed a fine against him for alleging court expert Michal Mazel was of Jewish origin. The attorney was defending a member of an ultra-right party and claimed Mazel's alleged origin would bias him against the defendant  full story

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Czech expert testifies that activists' sign was anti-Jewish incitement

19.10.2016 6:48 In Jihlava yesterday the trial opened in the case of the chair of the ultra-right National Democracy (ND) party, Adam B. Bartoš and his former vice-chair, Ladislav Zemánek. The indictment was read and the accused gave testimony.  full story

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Poland: German television series sued for scenes depicting Polish anti-Semitism during WWII

20.7.2016 7:17 The Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reports that on 18 July the civil trial began at a court in Kraków of the producers of a German television series set during the Second World War and German television station ZDF. A Polish veterans' association and Zbigniew Radlowski, now 92 years old, who was a Polish resistance fighter during the war, have sued the producers of the television program over scenes depicting Polish anti-Semitism.  full story

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Czech right-wing radicals found guilty of inciting hatred of Jewish people, will appeal

16.3.2016 23:47 The chair of the ultra-right National Democracy party, Adam B. Bartoš, and his fellow party member Ladislav Zemánek are guilty of making anti-Jewish statements at the grave of Anežka Hrůzová in the Czech town of Polná. Judge Tereza Jedličková of Jihlava has handed down the verdict, which has yet to take effect.  full story

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European Court of Human Rights: Freedom of speech does not include Holocaust denial

11.11.2015 18:17 The European Court of Human Rights has rejected an appeal from comedian Dieudonné Mbala Mbala against the fact that the French justice system has fined him for disseminating hatred. Freedom of speech, according to the Court, does not cover anti-Semitism or Holocaust denial.  full story

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Belgium charges French comedian over racist remarks

15.10.2015 19:59 The Belga press agency reports that controversial French comedian Dieudonné has been charged with using anti-Semitic, discriminatory speech during a performance in Belgium and faces prison time of up to six months without parole should he be convicted. "His performance is full of so many defamatory, offensive expressions that it makes one want to vomit," said Damien Leboutte, the prosecutor in Liège, when reading the indictment.  full story

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Vice-Mayor of Czech Republic's second-largest city calls xenophobia the national hobby

6.10.2015 6:06 Brno Vice-Mayor Matěj Hollan (Žít Brno - Live Brno) has engaged in a sharp exchange with South Moravian Governor Michal Hašek over comments Hollan made about xenophobia in Czech society. "[During the Holocaust] there was majority-Czech anti-Semitism, which we love to forget about today, and the anti-Gypsyism of that time, which a big segment of society dismisses today, because to this day verbally sending 'Gypsies' to the gas chambers is the national hobby. These are modes of behavior and thought that are deeply rooted among the Czech public. Reading the debates today about Muslim refugees is essentially absolutely the same as reading the remarks that used to be made about the Jewish refugees. Back then the Jews (and the 'Gypsies') were to blame for everything, and today it's the Muslims (and the 'Gypsies')," Hollan wrote.  full story

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Bulgarian NGO to sue over ongoing forced demolition of Romani homes in Garmen

8.7.2015 20:49 News server reports that the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) has issued a press release stating its objections to the ongoing forced demolition of buildings in the "Kremikovtsi" Romani quarter of the village of Garmen. The 29 June demolition rendered four families with a total of 15 children homeless and more demolitions are scheduled for 13 July, according to the Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance, which also reports that 124 of the quarter's 134 houses are slated for demolition.  full story

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What grade to give a xenophobic student? Racism at a Czech college

8.7.2015 5:10 This story is about how easy it is to talk about racism in the academic community when one is standing up at the blackboard and how hard it is to handle it inside the community itself. The author does not want to identify the school where this scandal took place, and the names of the author and the student have been changed to protect their identities.  full story

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Czech Republic: Hundreds protest anti-Semitism in Prague

24.4.2015 4:07 On Sunday, 19 April, hundreds of people participated in the 12th annual Good Will March (Pochod dobré vůle) in Prague. The event took place under the slogan of "Culture against Anti-Semitism" in the center of the capital.  full story

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France investing EUR 100 million into combating racism

20.4.2015 6:37 The French Government will invest approximately EUR 100 million over the next three years into combating anti-Semitism and racism. Agence France-Presse reports that Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced the investment at a press conference on 17 April.  full story

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Czech Republic: Vandas re-elected DSSS chair

Prague, 9.3.2015 0:57, (ROMEA) The Workers' Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) will be led for the next two years by its only chair to date, Tomáš Vandas (age 46). At the party's convention yesterday, 90 of the 92 delegates participating voted for him.  full story

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