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May 21, 2022




The site in Belgrade, Serbia of the tragic death of a Romani child accidentally electrocuted while playing in a dump in March 2021. (PHOTO:  Opre Roma Serbia)
The site in Belgrade, Serbia of the tragic death of a Romani child accidentally electrocuted while playing in a dump in March 2021. (PHOTO: Opre Roma Serbia)

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Germany: Trial begins of Syrian citizen who assaulted man wearing yarmulke

20.6.2018 10:50 Accompanied by great media interest, the trial began yesterday in Berlin of a 19-year-old Syrian who assaulted two youths wearing yarmulkes in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood in April. The accused has admitted committing the crime, expressed regret for it, and assured the court that he does not hate Jewish people.  full story

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videoGermany: Three assailants attack two youths wearing yarmulkes in the capital

22.4.2018 14:35 Deutsche-Presse Agentur (DPA) reported on 18 April that three unidentified assailants attacked two youths wearing yarmulkes, the traditional Jewish head covering for men, in Berlin. One of those assaulted was an Israeli citizen who filmed the incident.  full story

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videoEuropean Roma Institute for Arts and Culture launches its work

8.6.2017 12:42 The grand opening of the activity of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) took place this morning in Berlin. The opening ceremony was conducted by the Alliance for ERIAC, the Council of Europe, the German Foreign Ministry and the Open Society Foundations.  full story

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Czech Republic: Museum of Romani Culture opens retrospective of photographer Nihad Nino Pušija

10.5.2017 7:01 Tomorrow at 17:00 the Museum of Romani Culture will open the exhibition "Parno Gras" by Nihad Nino Pušija, the renowned photographer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pušija lives in Berlin, Germany and wanders between different cultures and states as an intercultural migrant.  full story

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Kai Dikhas Gallery in Berlin features painter Laďa Gažiová in group show "Kali Berga"

12.4.2017 9:22 Last Week the vernissage was held in Berlin for a group exhibition entitled "Kali Berga" (Black Mountain) introducing five contemporary artists of Romani origin from several European countries. Painter Laďa Gažiová, who creates her work in Prague, is among those exhibited.  full story

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European organizations meet in Berlin to discuss combating hatred and teaching about the Holocaust, including Roma

6.4.2017 16:58 How can the subject of both the Jewish and the Romani victims of the Holocaust be brought into the schools of Europe? How can people respond to hate speech when they see it on social networking sites?  full story

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Alternative for Germany pol faces party discipline after Holocaust remarks

31.1.2017 7:28 The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party will not be immediately expelling the head of its cell in Thuringia, Björn Höcke, who recently became the subject of a wave of criticism for his remarks about the Holocaust memorial in the center of Berlin. Party leadership decided last week, after a three-hour debate, to hold a disciplinary proceedings in the matter.  full story

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European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (Berlin) seeks Executive Director

16.7.2016 12:59 The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC), a joint initiative of the Alliance for the European Roma Institute, the Council of Europe, and the Open Society Foundations, has announced it is seeking its first Executive Director. ERIAC will be a foundation registered under German law and based in Berlin.  full story

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Germany: Untraditional theater production in Berlin plays with anti-migrant prejudice

21.6.2016 20:47 The Deutsches Theater in Berlin has prepared an interesting artistic performance that could be a big source of inspiration to us all. In response to last year's "special summer and fall", as the company calls the wave of immigrants and refugees who arrived in Germany last year, they have created a production called Wechselstube (Exchange Office).  full story

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European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture: Building the Future by Honoring the Past

8.4.2016 9:43 The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) is a joint initiative of the Alliance for the European Roma Institute*, the Council of Europe and the Open Society Foundations. Following the approval of the establishment of ERIAC by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in September 2015, preparations are in progress for the creation of the Institute. Based on the proposal of the Alliance for the European Roma Institute, the German Government endorsed the idea of inviting the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture to set up in Berlin.
 full story

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Germany: Unidentified perpetrator spray-paints "Gas them" on Romani Holocaust memorial in Berlin

30.10.2015 22:37 Yesterday in Berlin an unidentified perpetrator has damaged the memorial to Romani people murdered by the Nazis during the Second World War. Police and security services are investigating the case.  full story

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German ultra-right exploits refugee reception issue to foment domestic unrest and violence

27.8.2015 1:52 Deutsche Welle (DW) reports that Germany is expecting a record high number of people to apply for asylum there this year. According to DW, the German Government is determined to only grant asylum to people actually fleeing ongoing wars, not to those whom they have termed "bogus" refugees from the Balkans.  full story

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Will there ever be more Romani politicians in Germany?

Berlin/Prague, 12.11.2013 22:51, (ROMEA) It is no easy task to write about the active participation of Roma and Sinti in German politics, not that the information on this topic is kept secret somehow. The problem, rather, is that there have not been many activities to date that could be considered essentially political.  full story

Berlaymont Building in Brussels (Entrance): Houses the European Commission (PHOTO: Matthias v.d. Elbe, Wikimedia Commons)

European Commission refutes rumor that leftover Roma support funds will go to Germany

Brussels, Belgium, 6.9.2013 19:05, (ROMEA) News server reports that the European Commission has ruled out speculations by some foreign media outlets that unused money from EU funds intended to improve the living conditions of the Roma population in Bulgaria and Romania will be transferred to Germany, as reported by Deutsche Welle (DW). The alleged transfer was said to be justified by the fact that in recent years Germany has become a favorite destination for Roma people leaving the Balkans in search of a better life.  full story

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