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October 23, 2021




Roma Pride 2018. (PHOTO:  Miroslav  Brož)
Roma Pride 2018. (PHOTO: Miroslav Brož)

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Czech memorial to Romani genocide apparently must be done in three years

28.4.2018 17:51 On Wednesday 18 April at Gallery VI PER in Prague a discussion was held about the process through which the new Lety u Písku memorial is to be created, its possible forms, and the role it should serve. The public debate about these various aspects of memorial creation was enriched by the opinions of the artist Pavel Sterec from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Brno Technical University, the art critic and historian Anežka Bartlová from the College of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM), and the editor and historian Čeněk Pýcha from the Education Department of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (ÚSTR).
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Members of ERIAC Celebrating International Cultural Outreach Program- PHOTO: FACEBOOK- European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture - ERIAC

ERIAC hosts International Cultural Outreach Program in 7 cities to showcase their activities

23.4.2018 13:16 ERIAC’s main international activity is its International Cultural Outreach Program, financed by the Federal Foreign Office of the German Government.  full story

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DEADLINE 26 APRIL: Int'l conference 11-13 May on "European Roma Identity in the 20th Century in Light of Documenting Holocaust Victims"

20.4.2017 6:56 The Antikomplex organization and the Terezín Initiative Institute in collaboration with the ROMEA organization and other partners, will be holding an international conference from 11 - 13 May in Prague and at Lety u Písku, Czech Republic during which experts on the documentation of Holocaust victims and modern history in the Central European area will discuss the current state of research in the field of the Romani Holocaust and their experiences with documenting Holocaust victims in general. The expert conclusions of the first day of the conference will be further discussed with members of the public during the second day, and based on those discussions, the experts will subsequently have the opportunity to jointly form an expanded version of existing recommendations to improve the situation not just in the area of the documentation of and research into the Romani Holocaust, but also for improving the fields of education, information, and the social situation of the Romani community in the Czech Republic and other European countries.  full story

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