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November 27, 2020




The public hearing held on 22 July 2020 in Přerov over incidents between two Vlax Romani families. (PHOTO:  Facebook)
The public hearing held on 22 July 2020 in Přerov over incidents between two Vlax Romani families. (PHOTO: Facebook)

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Czech Republic stops accepting Vietnamese citizens' work visa requests for security reasons

21.7.2018 7:57 On 18 July the Czech Republic ceased accepting applications from citizens of Vietnam for long-term residency for the purpose of employment and applications for long-term visas for the purpose of running a business. The Czech Foreign Ministry issued a press release about the decision on 20 July.  full story

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Czech Republic: Children's text messages prove incident not one of "Roma gang violence", as media incorrectly reported

17.10.2017 9:57 The editors of news server have seen copies of the electronic communications between the youths who were recently involved in a public brawl in the town of Louny. The communications conclusively document that reports describing the incident as involving a gang of Romani youths demanding protection money from non-Romani children - the version disseminated by some media outlets (such as Dení and by some online social network users - is incorrect.  full story

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Czech Republic: Shooter of Romani man now in custody

30.5.2017 7:20 A court in the Czech Republic accepted a motion filed by the Regional State Prosecutor in Ústí nad Labem and decided to remand into custody the non-Romani man who has been charged in the case of the shooting death of a Romani man in Chomutov. Police spokesperson Daniel Vítek announced the news yesterday.  full story

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Czech Republic: Shooter of Romani man faces between 12 and 20 years if convicted

29.5.2017 6:55 The non-Romani man who shot a 34-year-old Romani man dead on Saturday, 27 May in the early morning hours was charged with murder yesterday. A detective was also
scheduled to send a motion to the Regional State Prosecutor in Ústí nad Labem for him to be remanded into custody.  full story

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National Security Audit finds Czech Republic has no concept for preventing extremism and just relies on repression

2.12.2016 19:47 The Czech Republic does not have a clear, functioning concept for preventing extremism. The state relies only on repression and is not able to sufficiently justify
its use of such tactics to the public.  full story

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Czech Finance Minister: Activists must leave Klinika building

2.3.2016 23:10 Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babiš has tweeted this evening that the Prague building in which activists are running the Autonomous Social Center Klinika is in poor condition and that by law they must vacate the premises. Babiš also met with the Mayor of Prague 3, Vladislava Hujová (TOP 09), who showed him complaints she had received from citizens about Klinika.  full story

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Czech state prosecutor says gallows at demonstration was illegal

1.12.2015 17:11 Vladimír Heřman's decision to bring a homemade gallows inscribed with "for treason" to a July demonstration against Islam in Prague will apparently result in a trial. The state prosecutor has assessed his actions as illegal and he will most probably be prosecuted.  full story

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Commentary: Czech Interior Minister's praise of President echoes communism

30.10.2015 18:46 The main thing we need is peace and quiet for our work, and we won't let any of these "elements" disrupt it. That used to be a favorite phrase of communist functionaries during the previous regime.  full story

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Czech Defense Minister unshaken by poll revealing extremism in the Army, sociologist says it reflects society

12.10.2015 7:53 An opinion survey among soldiers that discovered some Czech Army personnel hold extremist views also revealed some positive results, according to Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnický (ANO). "The soldiers have my full trust and I stand behind the Army 100 %," he said after Chief of General Staff Josef Bečvář presented the findings of the survey to MPs on the Defense Committee in the Czech lower house on 7 October.  full story

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