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October 25, 2020




The winning team of the 48 Hour Film Project Brno competition in Brno, Czech Republic,
The winning team of the 48 Hour Film Project Brno competition in Brno, Czech Republic, "Miri Fajta", a Romani production company. (PHOTO: Vladimír Jalč)

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Jana Horváthová: Affirmative action and inclusion will solve the situation of Roma in the Czech Republic

8.11.2018 8:59 "I was always crouching somewhere out of sight so nobody would start talking about 'gypsies', or about the Holomeks, so that nobody would discover my roots. I was faint-hearted, mixed up. Once I accepted my Romani identity, if was as if I could suddenly stand up straight. All of a sudden you can breathe freely, without constantly anticipating that somebody is about to cause you harm. You begin to live in a better way - although I do not always openly tell people that I am a Romani woman," Jana Horváthová, the director of the Museum of Romani Culture who is an ethnographer, historian, and museologist, says in an extensive interview for Vlasta magazine (issue number 44/2018).  full story

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Robin Stria, 7th place candidate for the Greens, Brno-střed: The biggest problem in the Czech Republic is housing

27.9.2018 7:29 More than 160 Romani candidates are running in this year's local elections on 5 and 6 October. News server is presenting interviews with those we believe have the biggest chance of being elected who are listed in top positions on the candidate lists of registered political parties and movements.  full story

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Czech movement calling itself "Decent People" fined for disrupting theatrical production

25.9.2018 9:55 Members of the "Decent People" (Slušní lidé) movement have been fined a total of CZK 126 000 [EUR 4918] for their disruption in May of a Czech-language theatrical production of a play called "Our Violence, Your Violence". The Brno-střed Municipal Department has ordered 25 people be fined for contributing to what has been identified as misdemeanor behavior.  full story

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Czech research shows 96 % of poorest families in Rapid Re-Housing maintain their housing and improve their health

4.7.2018 16:39 A project in Brno, Czech Republic called "Rapid Re-Housing" providing municipally-owned apartment units for lease to families at risk of homelessness is celebrating significant success after its first year. According to research by Ostrava University, a total of 96 % of the families in the project have managed to maintain their housing, and what is more, the state of health of the children involved and their parents has improved.  full story

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Czech vigilantes file their own crime report about play in Brno

31.5.2018 13:44 The self-described "Decent People" movement filed a crime report on Monday in connection with Saturday's performance of the play "Our Violence and Your Violence", in which an actor embodying the character of Jesus Christ enacts the rape of a Muslim woman and another actress enacts pulling a Czech flag from her vagina. The report is against the director of the National Theater venue in Brno, Martin Glaser, against the Croatian director of the play, Oliver Frljič, and against the actors' ensemble.  full story

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Czech ultra-right disrupts theater performance, director says it reminds him of the rise of Fascism in the 20th century

29.5.2018 11:15 The Czech News Agency reports that some 30 members of the self-described "Decent People" ("Slušní lidé") movement disrupted Saturday's performance of a play called "Our Violence and Your Violence" in the city of Brno, Czech Republic. Shortly after the performance began the disruptors took over the stage, forming a human chain to prevent the actors from continuing.  full story

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