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September 27, 2022




Romani refugees from Ukraine. (2022) (PHOTO:
Romani refugees from Ukraine. (2022) (PHOTO: "Czechs Are Helping" / Češi pomáhají)

George Soros (PHOTO: ERIAC)

Hungary: Open Society Foundation closing in Budapest due to Government persecution

15.5.2018 13:34 The Open Society Foundation, established by the American financier of Hungarian origin George Soros, will be relocating to Berlin from Budapest due to the repressive pressure of the Government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. OSF announced the move on its website and assured the public that it will continue to support civic groups in Hungary working in the areas of culture, education, freedom of the press, health care and transparency.  full story

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Timea Junghaus: Roma art as an act of resistance

27.5.2016 21:27 On May 16, Europe’s Roma commemorated the 1944 uprising in the so-called Zigeunerlager (“Gypsy Camp”) in Auschwitz-Birkenau. Today, the idea of Roma resistance is understood as the Roma people’s perseverance in fighting different forms of oppressions, now and in the past.  full story

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Hungary: Jewish Nobel laureate not "Hungarian enough" for the ultra-right

Budapest, 20.8.2014 16:00, (ROMEA) Imre Kertész, a Hungarian author with Jewish roots who is a Nobel laureate, will receive the Order of St. Stephen, Hungary's highest state honor, today. The Fascist party "Movement for a Better Hungary" (Jobbik), is opposed to his receiving it and has written an open letter on the subject to Hungarian President János Áder.  full story

Viktor Orbán (PHOTO: European People's Party - EPP,

Hungary: Monument criticized by Jewish community starts construction

Budapest, 9.4.2014 21:11, (ROMEA) In Budapest the construction of a monument marking the 70th anniversary of the German occupation of Hungary has begun despite strong criticism of it by the Hungarian Jewish community. The MTI press agency reports that the Hungarian Government announced the start of construction today.  full story

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Hungary: Court in Budapest punishes racist murders with three life sentences, fourth perpetrator gets 13 years

Budapest, Hungary, 6.8.2013 23:48, (ROMEA) Today a Hungarian court handed down three life sentences for anti-Romani attacks during which six Romani people were murdered in 2008 and 2009. Five more people were seriously injured during the incidents and dozens suffered less serious injuries.  full story

Budapest: Three neo-Nazis who assaulted WJC delegates sentenced

Budapest, Hungary, 11.5.2013 16:40, (ROMEA) The World Jewish Congress (WJC) as warned that anti-Semitism could grow in Europe as a result of the exacerbated economic crisis. A report released at the end of the three-day general assembly in Budapest warns that politicians have a tendency to dedicate less attention to this issue during times of economic hardship.  full story

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World Jewish Congress: Anti-Semitism in Europe may grow as a result of crisis

Budapest, Hungary, 9.5.2013 17:17, (ROMEA) The World Jewish Congress (WJC) has warned that anti-Semitism may grow in Europe as a result of the aggravated economic crisis. A report released at the end of the WJC’s three-day general assembly in Budapest warns that politicians have a tendency to devote less attention than is necessary to this issue during economic difficulties.  full story

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Hungary: Ultra-right protests World Jewish Congress in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary, 6.5.2013 21:00, (ROMEA) Experts say Jewish people in Hungary are facing a rising anti-Semitism spreading from right-wing extremist groups to the core of society. Representatives of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) gave that as the reason they decided to hold their quadrennial meeting, which began yesterday, in Budapest.  full story

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