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June 29, 2022




(PHOTO:  Marko Milivojevic,
(PHOTO: Marko Milivojevic,

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Czech tabloid fraudulently tells readers CCTV footage of theft in Chile was from Ostrava - antigypsyism is the response

18.7.2017 7:16 Czech online social networks are sharing video footage of a young man, accompanied by a woman with a pram and a small child, stealing a television set from the waiting room of a hospital. The video has been viewed more than one million times, and according to the accompanying comments, it is clear that the Czech Internet believes the people in the video are a family - and a Romani one.  full story

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Slovak celebrity photo shoot in Romani settlement for ELLE magazine prompts racism

Prague, 21.7.2014 20:19, (ROMEA) Slovak recording artists Dara Rolins and Patrik "Rytmus" Vrbovský are featured on the cover of the August issue of the Czech-language edition of ELLE, and the magazine's photo shoot of them in an impoverished Romani settlement has been analyzed primarily by the tabloid press in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Several online readers have added their racist commentaries to those articles.  full story

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Former Czech Green Party candidate owns tabloid publishing anti-Roma articles

Prague, 26.4.2014 20:50, (ROMEA) "If Gypsies beat up a pub owner, I'll write six articles about it and keep on writing them... I'll say it's a Rom no matter what the cost. If whites beat up a white guy, or if a white guy beats up a Rom... then no," the editor-in-chief of the tabloid news server, Pavel Novotný, says of his practices in the recent Czech documentary film "Tabloid Workers" (Dělníci bulváru).  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani woman files charges against neighbor for slander

Ústí nad Labem, 18.5.2013 9:35, (ROMEA) The regional daily Ústecký deník has used the term “war” in its reporting about an incident last weekend in the Krásné Březno neighborhood of Ústí nad Labem. Police are now investigating.  full story

Boston, UK (PHOTO: Google Maps)

Right-wing British press warns of "beggar" influx in 2014

Boston, UK, 23.2.2013 18:36, (ROMEA) Agence France-Presse reports that the town of Boston in Great Britain has begun to resemble a small corner of Eastern Europe, where butcher shops feature wreaths of Polish kielbasa and vodka on the shelves and people converse in Latvian and Lithuanian on the street. According to the latest census, more than 10 % of the inhabitants of the quiet little town in the county of Lincolnshire in eastern England is from one of the formerly communist countries that joined the European Union at the start of the millennium.  full story

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Czech Republic: Adopted son of Romani singer Věra Bílá found dead

Rokycany, 29.1.2013 1:23, (ROMEA) The 33-year-old adopted son of Romani singer Věra Bílá passed away this afternoon in the Czech town of Rokycany. His body was found in a public toilet. Police are investigating the cause of his death and have ordered an autopsy. News server reports that the singer has confirmed the news and believes that someone murdered her adopted son František.  full story

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Czech tabloid's skewed reporting almost launches anti-Romani protests

Prague, 20.11.2012 16:57, (ROMEA) The Prostějovský Večerník, a real local tabloid, has published a news item that manipulates its facts so as to instigate anti-Romani sentiment as much as possible. According to the report, Romani assailants allegedly attacked Robert Jedlička, a hockey player for the Prostějov team (the Jestřáby) near the Varna discotheque in the town of Olomouc. Jedlička ended up with a broken nose and brain concussion. The brawl was allegedly preceded by several Romani people shouting foul insults and making vulgar gestures at Jedlička's girlfriend and an acquaintance of hers.  full story

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