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August 11, 2020




The TV Prima building in the Czech Republic. (PHOTO:  Kacir, Wikimedia Commons)
The TV Prima building in the Czech Republic. (PHOTO: Kacir, Wikimedia Commons)

TV Prima to broadcast talk show episode today - will it be in its entirety?

27.10.2016 13:48 According to information reported by the news server, the episode that was to have been broadcast yesterday of the Jan Kraus talk show on TV Prima will be broadcast today. It is, however, possible that it will not be broadcast in its entirety and that its opening segment will be edited out.  full story

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Scandal as TV Prima fails to broadcast talk show episode with Czech Culture Minister and Holocaust survivor

27.10.2016 12:03 Yesterday evening the privately-owned Prima television station did not broadcast its most recent episode of a popular talk show with host Jan Kraus during which his guests included Holocaust survivor Jiří Brady and Mr Brady's nephew, Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman. According to the Seznam online news server, the station told viewers it was not broadcasting the episode because producers did not deliver it to the station in time.
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Czech Republic: Another TV Prima insider comes forward, says producers want "only negative voices" from interviews on refugees

16.6.2016 7:33 The decision last year by the management of TV Prima to depict refugees as a threat had its specific impacts on the work of their reporters in the central newsroom and in the regions. "I can confirm that I actually, several times, received the instruction to film 'man-on-the-street' interviews with people about refugees and to use only the negative reactions. Or I was instructed during the stand-up to say that people do not want refugees in their community and are afraid of them, without anybody verifying beforehand that it was actually true," says a woman who contacted investigative news server Hlídací ("Watchdog") with her testimony after reading their series of articles on the issue.  full story

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Slovak Regional Governor cancels theater production he doesn't like

16.3.2016 14:55 The ultra-right Governor of the Banska Bystrica Region, Marián Kotleba, has ordered the early closure of a theatrical production that he does not like, allegedly because it uses indecent expressions. News server reported that Kotleba's office had commissioned the play for performance at a teacher appreciation celebration in the town of Brezno.  full story

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