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September 23, 2018
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Romani musician Ida Kelarová, Czech Republic. (PHOTO:  Miret, z.s.)
Romani musician Ida Kelarová, Czech Republic. (PHOTO: Miret, z.s.)

Czech Philharmonic will continue collaboration with Romani musician Ida Kelarová

20.3.2018 16:03 Ida Kelarová, the choir director and jazz singer, tells the Czech News Agency in an interview that the recent recording of the Romani children's choir Čhavorenge is both the high point and just the beginning of the choir's further collaboration with the Czech Philharmonic, which was initiated through their joint summer arts school. "It can be considered that new opportunities will open up with this CD. We may even get invited abroad," she said.  full story

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Czech court holds trial of man who threatened Romani children with gunfire at summer camp

1.11.2017 12:56 Last week the District Court in Děčín opened the trial of the shooting and vulgar verbal assault committed against children participating in the Čhavorenge children's choir ensemble, directed by Ida Kelarová, in the Děčín area in August 2016. The trial was scheduled after the defendant, Martin Kout, objected to a court order finding him guilty of rioting.  full story

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Czech Republic: Man who fired weapon near Romani summer camp apologizes

3.9.2016 10:55 "I didn't want the children or Ms Ida Kelarová to be affected. I would like to deeply apologize for my words, I overdid it. The situation was an exacerbated one, problems with noise from those accommodated at that camp have been happening for years," Martin Kout, the man who threatened Romani children from Kelarová's Čhavorenge choir at a camp gathering in the town of Jiřetín pod Jedlovou, has told news server  full story

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Czech Police investigating shots fired at Romani summer camp and local police procedure

30.8.2016 19:00 Yesterday news server published an interview in which we reported on an incident of a man who fired warning shots and shouted verbal abuse at Romani children participating in a summer camp with the Čhavorenge choir in the Děčín area. Regional Police are now investigating.  full story

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Ida Kelarová on warning shots fired near Roma children at music camp: The Czech Police refused to help us

29.8.2016 10:46 Q: During this year's "Romano Drom" music camp for Romani children, eyewitnesses say they experienced attacks that involved "warning shots" being fired. Would you
describe precisely what happened to us?  full story

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Czech Philharmonic joins Romani musician Ida Kelarová and Čhavorenge choir for tour of Šluknov foothills

9.8.2016 12:09 The "Romano drom" summer school for selected, talented Romani children from socially excluded localities is being held this year in the Šluknov foothills of the Czech Republic. A total of 60 Romani children from the Czech Republic and Slovakia will experience two inspiring weeks full of dance and music under the direction of Ida Kelarová, her artistic team, and musicians from the Czech Philharmonic.  full story

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