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June 28, 2022




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Local Romani assembly member in Czech town seeks re-election, recommends running to others

29.9.2018 12:23 Citizens of the Czech Republic will vote for new local assembly members next weekend (5 and 6 October 2018). News server has learned that at least 170 Romani candidates are running locally this year and, if elected, will be able to change the hand that is dealt at the city or municipal level.  full story

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Czech appeals court reduces sentence for murder of Romani man to seven years, prosecutor calls it disproportionate, inhumane and unjust

3.9.2018 14:57 Petr Benda has been sentenced on appeal to just seven years in prison for shooting dead the driver of a van on a housing estate in the Czech town of Chomutov. The High Court in Prague announced the verdict on 28 August, overturning the original verdict, which would have sent the perpetrator behind bars for 12.5 years.  full story

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Independent Romani candidate collecting signatures to run for Czech Senate

23.7.2018 7:26 Petr Jano wants to become a senator representing the district of Chomutov. Like all other independent candidates, he needs to collect 1 000 petition signatures by 31 July 2018 to qualify for applying to run on the ballot.  full story

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Czech Police indict bodybuilder who praised shooting of Romani man and made his own death threats

27.4.2018 12:26 News server reported on 24 April that police in Chomutov, Czech Republic have proposed indicting bodybuilder Filip Grznár for felony approval of crime and violence committed against a group or its individual members. Last June the bodybuilder disseminated a video online in which he threatened local Roma in Chomutov with murder, expressed aggressive, vulgar opinions about the shooting death of a Romani man there, and expressed his backing for the man who murdered him.  full story

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VIDEO: First-instance verdict in the Chomutov shooting case - 12.5 years

19.4.2018 9:02 The Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem has sentenced 37-year-old Petr Benda to 12.5 years in prison for shooting dead a Romani man behind the wheel of a van last spring at a housing estate in Chomutov. Benda faced as many as 20 years in prison for firing 13 bullets at the van driven by Radek Š.  full story

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BREAKING NEWS: Czech shooter of Romani man gets 12.5 years in prison

17.4.2018 10:20 The Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem has sentenced 37-year-old Petr Benda to 12.5 years in prison for shooting a Romani man dead behind the wheel of a van in Chomutov last spring. The court ruled that the van posed no danger to anybody at the time of the shooting.  full story

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Czech trial of last year's murder of a Romani man in Chomutov, defendant claims he was trying to protect people

9.4.2018 14:57 On 4 April the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem began to hear the case of last year's murder at a housing estate in Chomutov. Petr Benda (age 37) faces up to 20 years in prison and has been charged with firing his weapon 13 times at a van being driven by Radek Š.  full story

Czech prosecutor indicts shooter for murder, refutes police report that he was responding to victim driving into people

14.2.2018 7:20 The gunman who shot a 34-year-old Romani man to death on Jirkovská Street at the Písečná housing estate in Chomutov last May has been charged with murder and property
damage and faces between 12 and 20 years in prison if convicted. The case will be tried by the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem.  full story

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Czech court releases murder suspect from custody now that all witnesses to shooting of Romani man have been questioned

16.8.2017 12:21 On the afternoon of 14 August the gunman who shot a 34-year-old Romani man at a housing estate in Chomutov on 27 May was released from custody. Inhabitants of the housing estate are using online social networks to share the incorrect information that he has been acquitted.  full story

Czech Police reconstruct murder of Romani man, shooter faces 20 years in prison if convicted

14.8.2017 12:25 Czech Police performed a reconstruction during the night of Friday 11 August of the May murder of a Romani man at a housing estate in the town of Chomutov. The re-enactment involved the 37-year-old man who has been accused of the murder, supervising State Prosecutor Vladimír Jan told the Czech News Agency.  full story

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Czech Police charge bodybuilder with threatening Roma, he faces three years if convicted

29.6.2017 17:06 Filip Grznár (age 32) of Plzeň has been charged by detectives in Chomutov, Czech Republic with committing violence against a group and its individual members and approving of a crime. "Using the publicly available computer network, he disseminated a video recording in which he himself appears and approves of the commission of the serious crime of a recent murder at a housing estate in Chomutov," said the press spokesperson for the Ústecký Regional Police Directorate, Lieutenant Colonel Marie Pivková.  full story

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Czech Police investigating video in which non-Romani bodybuilder threatens Roma in Chomutov with murder

27.6.2017 15:09 Police in Chomutov, Czech Republic have confirmed they have begun investigating the video recording in which the bodybuilder and Internet "celebrity" Filip Grznár comments on the recent murder of a Romani man there. "For the time being, an investigation is underway on suspicion of the crime of approving of a criminal act as per Section 365 Criminal Code, or perhaps incitement to hatred against a group of persons or restriction of their rights and freedoms as per Section 356 Criminal Code," police spokesperson Marie Pivková told news server yesterday.  full story

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Analysis: Czech Police say situation after Chomutov shooting not tense, locals say otherwise

16.6.2017 6:56 In Chomutov the funeral is being prepared of the 34-year-old Romani man who died there on the night of 27 May as a consequence of a gunshot wound. The shooter, who is not Romani, is in custody and facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted.  full story

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