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September 29, 2022




This stone sculpture of a flower is a memorial to the victims of the WWII-era Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia. (PHOTO:
This stone sculpture of a flower is a memorial to the victims of the WWII-era Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia. (PHOTO:

Croatia: Jewish community boycotts official Holocaust commemoration

6.2.2017 6:33 The Associated Press has reported that the Jewish community in Croatia has boycotted the official state ceremony held on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January. The decision was meant to protest the Croatian Government not doing enough, in the Jewish community's view, to suppress pro-Nazi sentiment in the country.  full story

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Croatia: Unidentified attacker threw a grenade at a Romani preschool in Zagreb

20.4.2016 12:04 An unidentified attacker threw a hand grenade into the yard of a building in Zagreb that houses a nursery school for Romani children. The Croatian Romani Association also has its office in the building and a second preschool facility is also housed there.  full story

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Central European artists and politicians call for solidarity with migrants

18.9.2015 20:51 Agence France-Presse (AFP) and the Associated Press (AP) report that Czech film director Jiří Menzel and former Czech Prime Minister Petr Pithart are among hundreds of artists and politicians from Central Europe who have called on the citizens and representatives of their countries to demonstrate solidarity with asylum-seekers. The AFP reports that Central European citizens frequently are antagonistic and sometimes hostile towards migrants coming to Europe.  full story

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Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015 holds its closing meeting in Sarajevo

11.9.2015 2:49 On 10 and 11 September the 28th and final International Steering Committee Meeting of the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015 is being held in Sarajevo. The meeting is being attended by the national coordinators of the countries involved as well as many collaborating individuals and institutional partners and aims to draw attention to the lessons learned and successes achieved during the past decade.  full story

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Croatia: 500 stateless persons are mostly Roma

9.7.2015 4:12 News server reports that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates there are approximately 500 stateless persons in Croatia and twice as many at risk of statelessness. They have no citizenship or personal identification and are therefore unable to exercise their rights, find jobs, get married or apply for health insurance.  full story

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videoRoma Inclusion: What We Can Learn from Croatia

Zagreb, 26.7.2013 13:43, (ROMEA) Call me a starry-eyed idealist, but I believe schools are the primary institution in society where we should learn to live together. As a parent, I’ve never seen the point of teaching kids how to divide numbers or how not to split infinitives if we can’t first teach them how to love and treasure each other’s differences. For far too many of Europe’s Roma children, however, schools are still places far more adept at dividing communities than uniting them.  full story

Montenegro: Right-wing extremists assault country's first Gay Pride Parade

Podgorica, 25.7.2013 17:32, (ROMEA) On Wednesday, 24 July, in the very conservative country of Montenegro, right-wing extremists shouting "Kill the gays!" assaulted activists from the gay community who were meeting up for the country's first-ever Gay Pride Parade in the seaside resort of Budva. Wire services report the attackers threw bottles, rocks, smoke bombs and other objects, including café tables, at several dozen participants in the march and their supporters before clashing with riot police protecting the event.  full story

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Transnational network wants to help Romani children access education

Bucharest, Romania, 10.3.2013 18:20, (ROMEA) The Romani CRISS organization of Romania, in collaboration with the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University, the Greek Helsinki Committee, the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) in Budapest, the Life Together (Vzájemné soužití) civic association in the Czech Republic and the Integro association of Bulgaria are implementing a project called DARE-net - the Desegregation and Action for Roma in Education network. The aim of this project is to create a transnational network of non-Romani and Romani civil society organizations to analyze, together with the academic community, initiatives and processes addressing the segregation of Romani children in the schools of Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, and Romania.  full story

Thousands sign Czech petition for "practical schools"

Prague, 23.11.2012 19:42, (ROMEA) Some parents and teachers are defending the Czech Republic's former "special schools", which are still attended in large numbers by Romani children today, including children who are not disabled. A petition to preserve the schools has received more than 75 000 signatures. Authors of the petition plan to deliver it to the Czech Education Ministry today.  full story

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New report shows anti-Romani violence is a pan-European phenomenon

Prague, 13.11.2012 17:10, (ROMEA) The European Association for the Defense of Human Rights (AEDH) and the Czech Helsinki Committee (Český helsinský výbor - ČHV) have issued a fundamental condemnation of the violence faced by Romani people in Europe. The organizations have written about this topic in a joint report entitled "Roma People in Europe in the 21st Century: Violence, Exclusion, Insecurity" (available in English at Below you will find a translation of the AEDH/ČHV press release about this report and a translation of the Czech summary of the report:  full story

Minister to Mayor: You Neglect the

Zagreb, 9.2.2008 20:16, (ROMEA/Javno) The project to support the Romani that should be active from next year in the Medjimurje County under the supervision of the European Commission and the Croatian cabinet, was presented today in front of the European Commission’s delegation.  full story

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