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May 25, 2022



Decade od Roma inclusion

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Roma Crisis Committee to Czech EdMin: Equal access to education for Roma

Prague, 18.3.2013 20:31, (ROMEA) Young Romani people associated with the Crisis Committee (Krizový štáb) have written an open letter to the Czech Education Minister and Prime Minister in which they express their support for inclusive education and the necessary measures which the Government and the Education Ministry should adopt to ensure equal access to education for all citizens of the Czech Republic. "Currently Romani children continue to be disproportionately enrolled into 'practical primary schools' that educate their pupils according to the primary education program's appendix for pupils with light mental disability," states the open letter. News server publishes it in full translation below.  full story

Template for Civil Society Monitoring of National Roma Integration Strategies and Decade Action Plans

Budapest, 5.11.2012 22:18, (ROMEA) The Decade Secretariat has prepared a monitoring template in order to encourage civil society coalitions to monitor the implementation of National Roma Integration Strategies and Decade Action Plans.  full story

United States to Join the Decade as an Observer

Sofia, 6.2.2012 14:49, (ROMEA/ In remarks to a group of young Roma professionals in Sofia on February 5, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced that the United States will join the Decade of Roma Inclusion as an official observer. "For too long," she said, "Roma citizens have been marginalized and isolated, prevented from contributing their talents and participating in their societies."  full story

20th ISC Meeting: Soros Calls for EU-Decade Partnership

Prague, 2.7.2011 21:04, (ROMEA) At the 20th International Steering Committee Meeting in Prague, George Soros urged the Decade of Roma Inclusion to develop a full partnership with the EU Roma Framework.  full story

Statement on the situation of Roma in Europe International Steering Committee Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015

Prague, 6.10.2010 13:10, (ROMEA) The 19th International Steering Committee of the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005- 2015 reached a join conclusion in that recently there has been a dangerous deterioration in the situation of Roma in Europe.  full story

Let's Stop For a Moment: Thoughts on the 5-th Anniversary of Launching The Decade of Roma Inclusion Program

-, 2.2.2010 16:08, (ROMEA) The official ceremony of the International Launch of the Decade of Roma Inclusion took place on February 2, 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The international launch was preceded by thorough preparation executed in a rather tight time frame. This had been the very first time when based on the enforcement of international organizations such an initiation was set off that could actually stimulate governments to make measurable quantitative and qualitative steps in order to accelerate the social and economic inclusion of Roma people. Delegations were formed and National Decade Action Plans were prepared, and the same day 5 years ago high rank governmental officials declared the years 2005–2015 to be the Decade of Roma Inclusion. Five years have passed since then and it is a great opportunity to stop for a few minutes and think over what this period has been like, what we have been able to achieve and can be proud of, and which are the areas we need to concentrate on in the second half of the programme.  full story

Czech cabinet unsure whether Romanies's situation improved

Prague, 17.8.2008 14:23, (ROMEA) The Czech government has no precise information on whether it was successful in the fulfilment of the tasks within the Romany Decade, according to a report on the implementation of the Decade goals in 2007 CTK has obtained.  full story

Albania Joins the Roma Decade

Tirana, 30.7.2008 9:53, ( On July 24, 2008, Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha signed the Declaration of the Decade of Roma Inclusion. With this formal step, Albania has become a full member of the Decade. Albania’s Decade Action Plan will be posted on this site when it is available.  full story

Decade Watch Reports Available in Czech and Serbian

Budapest, 26.7.2007 10:34, (Roma Network) Czech and Serbian versions of DecadeWatch: Roma Activists Assess the Progress of the Decade of Roma Inclusion are now available for downloading at  full story

Roma Decade - Chachipe

Budapest, 3.6.2007 21:10, (ROMEA) The Open Society Institute and OSA Archivum announce an international photography contest under the Decade of Roma Inclusion . The Roma Decade began in 2005 with the participation of nine governments ( Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia), the World Bank and numerous nongovernmental organizations.  full story

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