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October 22, 2021



Den romského odboje

Zeljko Jovanovic (FOTO: ERIAC)
Zeljko Jovanovic (FOTO: ERIAC)

Željko Jovanović: Roma Resistance Day as a Moral Compass

16.5.2020 13:50 On May 16, we remember and celebrate the courage of Roma resistance. On that day in 1944, a Roma uprising disrupted the Nazi plan for the annihilation of some 6500 inhabitants of the so-called Gypsy Camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The extermination finally took place in August, but this act of resistance has become part of our collective memory thanks to the survivors' testimonies and to organizations like the Voice of Roma in France and others expanding our awareness about it.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani Resistance Day event connects Auschwitz uprising with tenants whose power has been cut

17.5.2017 10:17 International Romani Resistance Day was marked for the first time on 16 May 2017 by residents of Brno, Czech Republic with the reading of a play connecting the historical events of 1944 with current events there. Prior to this, the Romani uprising at Auschwitz has only been commemorated in the Czech Republic by a private event at the Lety
Memorial to the concentration camp for Romani people there.  full story

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