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January 17, 2021




Czech millionaire Jiří Antoš at the Boxing King Klub, which is run by and serves the Romani community in Ostrava. (2020) (PHOTO:  TV Prima)
Czech millionaire Jiří Antoš at the Boxing King Klub, which is run by and serves the Romani community in Ostrava. (2020) (PHOTO: TV Prima)

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Magdaléna Karvayová: We need to build up leaders from the Romani communities so their voices can be heard

6.12.2017 7:00 Magdaléna Karvayová is a graduate of several prestigious schools who has worked for the Open Society Fund Prague and has long been involved in the situation of Romani parents in Ostrava. She has a great deal of energy and mainly a vision as to what it would be good to change in the Czech Republic.  full story

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PHOTO GALLERY: Brno celebrations of International Romani Day - ribbons on the Tree of Tolerance, program at Hvězdička Park

7.4.2017 12:57 On Monday, 3 April, this year's celebrations of International Romani Day began in the Lužánky neighborhood of Brno. Those attending tied new ribbons to the Tree of Tolerance.  full story

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Interview with Romani activist Veronika Kmetzová of Předlice in the Czech Republic

18.3.2017 9:47 Veronika Kmetzová (age 29) is a Romani activist who, in collaboration with other partners, has established an association, Amare Předlice, which has tasked itself with aiding the improvement of the lives and social situations of the inhabitants of the Předlice neighborhood of Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. In its manifesto, the group says one of its aims is to "focus on improving public spaces in Předlice and on work with the local community to involve them in finding solutions".  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani-owned business distributes clothing, food and hygiene supplies to the needy in Teplice

1.3.2017 8:15 On 21 February the Romani-owned New Age Company organized a "GOOD WILL" („DOBRÉ VŮLE“) event in Teplice, Czech Republic. Employees used their own resources to put
together packages with clothing and hygiene supplies as well as refreshments and distributed them to homeless people and the socially vulnerable in the park near the train station.  full story

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Artist wakes Europe's conscience with a minute of silence symbolizing deafness to the cause of refugees

8.11.2015 20:56 Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports that when the news spread at the end of October that another 11 children had drowned attempting to reach Greece, the actor Benedict Cumberbatch suddenly exploded: "Fuck the politicians," the otherwise meticulously cultivated actor told the upper classes of the theater-going public in London after a performance of "Hamlet". He followed that with an urgent intercession on behalf of the thousands of refugees who are disembarking daily on the beaches of Europe.  full story

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Czech Bar Association calls on its members to service refugees pro bono

23.9.2015 21:46 The board of the Czech Bar Association reviewed motions at its meeting on 14 and 15 September concerning the problems of ensuring the rights of immigrants from Africa and Arab countries who find themselves on Czech territory. The Czech Bar Association has no ambition to address political matters, but is concerned about indications that these people's rights might be violated.  full story

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Czech NGO found barefoot, hungry children in detention center for asylum-seekers who are being charged money by authorities

16.9.2015 18:03 Czech NGOs report that the conditions in Czech facilities for asylum-seekers are substandard. The situation in detention facilities is especially bad, where asylum-seekers complain that their mobile telephones and money are being confiscated.
 full story

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Alyssa Wedge, a volunteer from Lehigh University: I was taken aback by the contrast between the “tourist” Czech Republic and the excluded community

Prague, 15.7.2014 16:58, (ROMEA) During the first half of July, two students from Lehigh University in the USA, Kevin Basek and Alyssa Wedge, came to the offices of o.p.s. ROMEA having decided to spend their summer doing more than getting tan, taking trips and going to one party after another, as most of their peers probably will, and instead dedicating their time off from school to working for a nonprofit organization as volunteers.  full story

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