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August 10, 2020



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The documentary film
The documentary film "Europe: Which Children Matter?" (2017).

TODAY! Livestream of discussion about segregation of Romani children after "Europe: Which Children Matter" screens in Ostrava

16.11.2017 15:18 On Friday, 17 November at the PANT studio in Ostrava the documentary film "Europe: Which Children Matter?" will screen at 16:00, followed at 17:30 by a discussion with human rights activist Gwendolyn Albert, director Jenne Magno, activist Edita Stejskalová and other guests about the inclusion of Romani children into mainstream schools. News server will LIVESTREAM THE FOLLOWING DEBATE.  full story

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Karel Holomek is first Romani figure featured on Czech TV's "Gallery of the Elite of the Nation" show

25.7.2017 6:48 Czech Television broadcast on Sunday an episode of its cycle called "GEN", which means "gene" in Czech and is said to stand for "Gallery of the Elite of the Nation", featuring the portrait of the Romani activist, journalist, and mechanical engineering graduate Karel Holomek. Direction of the episode was done by the famous documentary filmmaker, actor and college educator Břetislav Rychlík.  full story

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Czech documentary film about xenophobia, "Czechs versus Czechs", wins special honor at Jihlava film festival

1.11.2015 20:46 Tomáš Kratochvíl's documentary film "Czechs versus Czechs" (Češi proti Čechům) has won special recognition at the documentary film festival in Jihlava "for the impressive use of film as a personal journal to break down social prejudices and stereotypes". The director made the film in the Romani ghetto of Předlice, where he lived for eight months.  full story

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Film about Czechoslovak experiment with Romani children wins best documentary from Olomouc Film Academy

3.5.2015 2:31 A documentary film by Czech Television, "Suppressed Letters" (Zatajené dopisy) about an experimental school for Romani children in 1950s Czechoslovakia, has won the prize for best Czech popular science documentary from the Academia Film Olomouc. At the beginning of the experiment, children attended the boarding school voluntarily, but later attended after being forcibly taken away from their families on the presumption that their ties with their parents would be broken.  full story

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Documentary film review: "Suppressed Letters", about a Czechoslovak experiment with Romani children

12.4.2015 1:27 On 9 April, Czech Television broadcast the documentary film "Zatajené dopisy" ("Suppressed Letters"), which premiered at this year's One World Film Festival in Prague. In this film, director Tomáš Kudrna reveals the history of the so-called Květušínský experiment, which took place 65 years ago.  full story

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Documentary shows Roma from Slovak settlements singing with non-Romani musicians

26.3.2015 19:41, (ROMEA) Hundreds of ancient Romani songs have been collected by the ethnomusicologist Jana Belišová during her long-term research in Slovakia. Her meetings with Romani musicians there inspired her to undertake a new project bringing non-Romani and Romani musicians together.  full story

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