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June 28, 2022



Czech republic

Robert Rustem of the European Roma and Travellers Forum.
Robert Rustem of the European Roma and Travellers Forum.

ERTF: Czech Republic failing Roma under the European Social Charter

Strasbourg, France, 5.3.2014 13:38, (ROMEA) The European Roma and Travellers Forum (ERTF) announced today that it has filed a collective complaint against the Czech Republic with the European Committee of Social Rights, which is responsible for ensuring that States comply with the provisions of the European Social Charter.  full story

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Czech Republic: Gypsy Spirit prize being revived by private foundations

Prague, 29.10.2013 22:35, (ROMEA) After a three-year hiatus, the Gypsy Spirit prize will be awarded once more for contributions to Romani integration in the Czech Republic. The award, which former Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocáb modeled on one in Slovakia, will be revived by Mr Kocáb's foundation together with the Open Society (Otevřená společnost) organization.  full story

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Did the Czech President invite an anti-Semitic extremist to Prague Castle?

Prague, 29.10.2013 21:32, (ROMEA) Adam B. Bartoš, a political commentator known for his anti-Semitic, extremist opinions, seems to have been one of the official guests invited to yesterday's ceremony awarding state honors at Prague Castle. The Office of the Czech President has not yet issued a formal statement regarding the circumstances of his attendance.  full story

Czech election results in Romani neighborhoods

Prague, 28.10.2013 22:48, (ROMEA) The polls have closed, the votes for the various parties have been counted, and the media are analyzing who might form the next government of the Czech Republic with whom. Let's look at how votes were cast in places where a large majority of Romani people live, as well as in the places where neo-Nazis and racists held their marches this past summer.
 full story

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Czech Republic: 50 anti-minority racists march in Plzeň, 60 Roma stand up to them

Plzeň, 28.10.2013 21:47, (ROMEA) Several dozen racists protesting against minorities and multicultural society marched through the Bory neighborhood of Plzeň on the afternoon of 28 October. The march, which was called a "Protest against violating the rights of decent citizens of the Czech Republic and privileging one group", was originally predicted to be attended by as many as 300 people, but in the end only about 50 turned up.  full story

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Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis attempt pogrom in Ostrava, 500 Roma march against them

Ostrava, 28.10.2013 21:25, (ROMEA) Approximately 200 - 300 neo-Nazis gathered today at 14:00 for an anti-Romani, racist demonstration on Prokešovo Square in Ostrava. Two separate gatherings were convened against racism by the "Let's Block the Marches!" (Blokujeme!) platform, one on nearby Sokolská Street in front of a residential hotel called "Colorful Ostrava" (Barevná Ostrava), and another on Svatopluk Čech Square.  full story

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Czech President: More police needed in areas of conflict

Chomutov, 27.10.2013 18:06, (ROMEA) Speaking on Friday during a discussion with local residents in the town of Chomutov, Czech President Miloš Zeman said increasing the number of police officers could be a solution to situations in regions of conflict where non-Romani people are complaining about their co-existence with the Romani minority. Chomutov locals have complained primarily about problems with crime in some parts of town and in nearby Jirkov.  full story

Czech Republic: No Romani candidates seated, populist Dawn (Úsvit) gets 7 % of the vote

Czech Republic, 27.10.2013 2:55, (ROMEA) The elections to the Czech lower house have once again been won by the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) by the smallest of margins, just as they were three years ago. This year the second-place finish went to the ANO 2011 party instead of the Civic Democrats (ODS), who have now lost almost four-fifths of their MPs.  full story

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The long road of active resistance to racist marches in the Czech Republic

Prague, 27.10.2013 2:50, (ROMEA) The anti-Romani marches in the Czech Republic were the winning subject in the "News" category of this year's World Press Photo competition here. More than 30 such marches have been held around the entire country this year.  full story

Czech elections: Social Democrats gain only slight lead over ANO 2011

Czech Republic, 26.10.2013 19:10, (ROMEA) The elections to the lower house have once again been won by the Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) with only a slight margin of victory, just like the elections of three years ago. The ANO 2011 political movement ended up closely behind the ČSSD.  full story

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Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis to march on state holiday Monday

Plzeň, 26.10.2013 18:45, (ROMEA) Neo-Nazis are scheduled to march through several towns in the Czech Republic on the state holiday Monday, including Ostrava and Plzeň, where they are expected to march through the Bory quarter. Plzeň Police spokesperson Jana Tomková told the Czech News Agency yesterday that police are preparing security measures involving the Aliens' Police, an anti-conflict team, canine units, criminal investigators, riot police and traffic police.  full story

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Czech Republic: Perpetrators of machete attack get up to 17.5 years

Prague, 26.10.2013 0:16, (ROMEA) Vojtěch Husák has been convicted of perpetrating an attack with a machete in Nový Bor in 2011 and will spend 17.5 years in prison, while his accomplices Antonín Sinu and Jakub Žiga will spend 15 years in prison each. The High Court in Prague handed down its verdict Friday 24 October and it has taken effect.  full story

Štefan Tišer, chair of the Equal Opportunities Party (Strana rovných příležitostí) in the Czech Republic

Štefan Tišer (SRP), Romani candidate to the Czech lower house: We have a good chance of getting in

Prague, 24.10.2013 22:36, (ROMEA) An unusually high number of Romani people are running in this year's early elections compared to years past. The monthly Romano voďi, published by the ROMEA association, has done its best to interview all the candidates running for the lower house and will run those interviews in addition to publishing analytical material about the elections.  full story

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Stanislav Tišer (SRP), Romani candidate to Czech lower house: I want a change of government

Prague, 24.10.2013 17:47, (ROMEA) An unusually high number of Romani people are running in this year's early elections compared to years past. The monthly Romano voďi, published by the ROMEA association, has done its best to interview all the candidates running for the lower house and will run those interviews in addition to publishing analytical material about the elections.  full story

Czech Senate committee objects to EU recommendations on Roma integration

Prague, 23.10.2013 23:20, (ROMEA) The Czech Senate is refusing to introduce any social measures based on ethnicity into Czech law, claiming that neither the constitutional order nor the Czech Republic's international obligations make it possible for the state to define the recipients of social assistance according to their ethnic affiliation. That refusal is part of recommendations recently agreed to by the Senate EU Affairs Committee, which has just reviewed recommendations from the Council of the EU regarding effective Roma integration measures.  full story

Nils Muižnieks (PHOTO:

Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner: Czech authorities must clearly oppose anti-Romani hate campaign

Strasbourg, France, 23.10.2013 17:10, (ROMEA) The Council of Europe's Human Rights Commissioner, Nils Muižnieks, has expressed uneasiness over the ongoing hate campaign against Romani people in the Czech Republic. Muižnieks says that campaign is manifesting itself in regular anti-Romani marches and now, prior to the elections to parliament this weekend, in displays of racism intended to gain political capital.  full story

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Center for Romani Studies: Most Czechs do not consider Roma a natural part of society

Rokycany, 23.10.2013 1:59, (ROMEA) The Center for Romani Studies (Středisko romských studií - SRS) has produced a report summarizing its current findings in the field of Romani issues. The aim of the report is to raise the topic of antigypsyism and its impacts on the security of Romani people in the Czech Republic.  full story

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Czech Republic: Right-wing extremist threatens to kill Mayor of Ostrava

Ostrava, 23.10.2013 0:29, (ROMEA) News server reports that a man demanding the release of 15 aggressive demonstrators who participated in last Saturday's neo-Nazi demonstration in Ostrava has threatened to murder the Mayor of Ostrava and his family. It did not take long for police to take him into custody, where he remains.  full story

Romani activists Čeněk Růžička (right) and Jozef Miker (left). (PHOTO:  František Kostlán)

Čeněk Růžička: We can fight back if necessary, but what about our children? Go vote!

Prague, 23.10.2013 0:05, (ROMEA) Romale, I presume you are all noticing how a large proportion of the political candidates are speaking about us in the television debates, how so-called experts on Romani people are proposing solutions for our lives. Notice how almost all of those solutions call for forceful measures - we're going to increase the numbers of police officers in the streets, hire police assistants, introduce CCTV systems in troubled localities.  full story

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Czech Republic: "Colorful Ostrava" to counter-demonstrate against neo-Nazis on state holiday

Ostrava, 22.10.2013 21:54, (ROMEA) On Monday 28 October 2013 there won't just be a neo-Nazi event in Ostrava, but also an assembly called "Colorful Ostrava" (Barevná Ostrava). The event will begin at 14:00 CET on Svatopluk Čech Square in the Přívoz quarter of Ostrava, which is a frequent target of neo-Nazi violence  full story

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