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October 31, 2020




Andrej Babiš (PHOTO: David Sedlecký, Wikimedia Commons).
Andrej Babiš (PHOTO: David Sedlecký, Wikimedia Commons).

Czech NGOs call on incoming PM not to jettison cabinet post for human rights

29.11.2017 7:01 NGOs in the Czech Republic have written an open letter to Andrej Babiš, who has been entrusted by the Czech President with forming a new Government after last month's lower house elections, calling on him not to close down the post of Human Rights Minister. His ANO movement, which was the favorite in the recent elections, proposed abolishing the position in its electoral program.  full story

Andrew Schapiro

WWII-era letters from Prague by relatives of former US ambassador describe the advancing Holocaust

20.4.2017 11:12 A book of letters describing the onset of the Holocaust and the gradual introduction of prohibitions for the Jewish population of Prague was launched yesterday at the Lucerna Palace by the editors together with former US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Andrew Schapiro. The letters were written from 1939 through 1941 by his family members, who remained behind in occupied Prague, to their adult children who had managed to move to the USA.  full story

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Czech Police investigating anonymous antisemitic letter in Prostějov

20.2.2017 6:26 Police are investigating the circumstances of an anonymous letter full of antisemitic insults and vulgarities that has been sent to different people in Prostějov in connection with the sometimes passionate discussion about how to arrange for dignified remembrance at the site of the former Jewish cemetery near the local school. Representatives of an American philanthropic foundation, Kolel Damesek Eliezer, which is attempting to rehabilitate the Jewish cemetery, are planning to report a crime because of the anonymous letter that has been addressed to bureaucrats and residents of Prostějov.  full story

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