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July 15, 2020
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Czech participants in the
Czech participants in the "Starting Over" (Začít znovu) project on their study visit to Scotland. (PHOTO: DROM - Romani Center)

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Czech NGO teaches Romani people how to start their own businesses

20.7.2018 11:53 The DROM Romani Center in Brno, Czech Republic, in collaboration with a statewide project called "Do It!", has just finished delivering a course to show Romani people how to start their own businesses. According to experts, support for small entrepreneurial activities is one way to address the problem of Romani people finding their place on the Czech labor market.  full story

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Czech city names first-ever public place after Romani figure

29.3.2018 12:36 The City of Brno is the first to name a public location in the Czech Republic after a Romani figure. On 27 March the name of the Hvězdička Park was officially changed to Eugen Horváth Park.  full story

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Czech Republic: Motion to name park after Romani musician passes the first bureaucratic hurdle

15.5.2017 6:38 The assembly of the Brno-střed Municipal Department has agreed to rename the Hvězdička Park on Cejl street after the educator and musician Eugen Horváth. Now the local assembly for the City of Brno must vote on the proposal.  full story

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Park in Czech Republic's second-largest city could be named after Romani musician

18.4.2017 9:42 News server iDNES reports that Romani residents of Brno, Czech Republic are striving to have Hvězdička Park named after Romani musician Eugen Horváth. The request was filed by local assembly member Miroslav Zima, who is also the director of the DROM Romani Center in Brno.  full story

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Czech Republic's second-largest city awarded funds to keep students from failing school

30.3.2017 7:21 The City of Brno has published on its website that the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has recommended it receive funding for a project called "Preventing failure at primary schools in the City of Brno". The city's request for funding has now been fully approved.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani NGO helps halt illegal debt collections worth more than CZK 2.5 million

Brno, 27.1.2015 18:38, (ROMEA) The Brno-based organization DROM Romani Center has long been successfully aiding people who have ended up in the debt trap because of usurious loans. In 2014 the courts halted unjustified collections proceedings against 33 clients of DROM worth CZK 2 532 000.  full story

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