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May 20, 2022




Czech Public Defender of Rights Stanislav Křeček (left) and the chair of the extremist right-wing DSSS party, Tomáš Vandas. (2022) (PHOTO:  Wikimedia Commons, Collage:
Czech Public Defender of Rights Stanislav Křeček (left) and the chair of the extremist right-wing DSSS party, Tomáš Vandas. (2022) (PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons, Collage:

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Czech center-right party distances itself from collaborating with extremists in local government

27.10.2018 17:18 A coalition agreement was signed on Monday, 22 October in the town of Duchcov (Teplice district) by representatives of the locally victorious Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) with the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM), the extremist Workers Social Justice Party (DSSS) and the "We Live in Duchcov" (Žijeme Duchcovem) group, which is comprised of independent candidates and the center-right TOP 09 party. Jindřich Svoboda, chair of the DSSS cell in Duchcov, will now begin his second term as a local councilor there.  full story

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Czech civil society groups, Romani ones included, protest students inviting ultra-right candidate to debates ahead of elections

26.9.2018 20:08 The Ústecký Parliament of Children and Youth (ÚPDM) is holding an event today entitled "Political Debate with Representatives of All Parties Running Locally" as part of a project called "Young People Vote". Tomáš Vandas, the candidate invited to represent the "Clean Ústí" movement, is also the co-founder of the ultra-right Workers' Party (DS), which was dissolved by the Supreme Administrative Court in 2010, and is still chair of its successor party, the current Workers' Social Justice Party (DSSS).  full story

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Czech convicted of racially-motivated murder of Romani man is running for mayor

13.9.2018 21:41 News server reports that Vlastimil Pechanec, the convicted murderer who spent 13 years in prison for the racist murder of a Romani man named Otto Absolon at a discotheque in the town of Svitavy, is now running in the upcoming local elections as the leader of a movement calling itself "For a Safe Svitavy" (Za bezpečné Svitavy) as a candidate for the Workers Social Justice Party (DSSS), of which he is a member. Pechanec was sentenced in 2003 to 17 years for the 2001 murder.  full story

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Local Prague candidate seems to have given Nazi salute at demonstration, extremist party she is running for disavows her

4.9.2018 17:56 Romana Frieselová, a woman identified as giving the Nazi salute on 18 August at a demonstration by right-wing extremists in the Czech town of Dubí, is apparently running as a candidate for the Workers Social Justice Party (DSSS) in the local elections in Prague. DSSS chair Tomáš Vandas, however, has claimed in an interview for the Free Radio (Svobodné rádio) station that the party has nothing to do with Frieselová and has even speculated that her candidacy might be a provocation aiming to damage the party.  full story

Czech Interior Ministry: SPD movement has assumed the agenda of the extreme right

16.6.2018 10:31 In the Czech Republic, extremist groups on the right as traditionally organized have stopped being relevant politically. The "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) movement has worked with their agenda most effectively, but that group is categorized by the Czech Interior Ministry as not extremist, but as a movement that
engages in xenophobic speech.  full story

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Czech Police intervene after ultra-right attacks those opposed to neo-Nazism in Plzeň

2.5.2018 9:40 Approximately 100 right-wing extremists assembled in Plzeň, Czech Republic yesterday to celebrate 1 May at a gathering organized by the Workers Social Justice Party (DSSS), the Workers Youth (DM) and the Bloc against Islamicization (BPI). About 50 people, most of them students, turned out to protest against them.
 full story

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Czech antigypsyist ultra-right party expresses support for incumbent in presidential race

25.1.2018 6:27 Members and sympathizers of the extremist Workers Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS) should support the incumbent, Miloš Zeman, in the second round of the presidential race this Friday and Saturday, according to a recommendation that was approved on 20 January by delegates to an extraordinary convention of the party. Former chair Tomáš Vandas was re-elected Chair of the unsuccessful party once again.  full story

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Ultra-right marks Velvet Revolution by racially abusing Czech TV reporters, Arabs and Muslims

21.11.2017 9:40 A group of 100 people attended an assembly convened by the right-wing extremist Workers Social Justice Party (DSSS) at the bottom of Prague's Wenceslas Square on the state holiday of 17 November. Those who organized the assembly ended up cancelling their planned march, but individual demonstrators proceeded to march anyway, two of whom were later arrested by police for failing to heed their instructions.  full story

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Czech Police report low turnout for ultra-right event featuring speaker convicted of the racially-motivated murder of a Romani man

3.10.2017 7:14 The ultra-right Workers Social Justice Party (DSSS) called last week for a demonstration on Thursday 28 September, a state holiday. "Tomorrow, big action in Svitavy!!!" read its website on Wednesday, calling for what organizers said would be their "First St. Václav's Day Demonstration."  full story

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Czech extremists abuse LGBT pride march in town of Plzeň but fail to block it

6.9.2017 9:27 Approximately 500 people, most of them youths, attended the first-ever Pilsen Pride march in Plzeň, Czech Republic on Saturday 2 September 2017, an offshoot of the Prague Pride march celebrating sexual minorities. The event was attended by activists from the Green Party, religious members of the LGBT community belonging to the Logos organization, Romani LGBT persons, and Marie Ferina, a famous activist for the rights of the LGBT community.  full story

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Chair of Prague DSSS celebrates ultra-right terrorist murdering woman in USA

16.8.2017 18:47 The chair of the Prague regional branch of the Workers Social Justice Party (DSSS), Jiří Petřivalský, has used his Facebook profile to praise the recent neo-Nazi terror attack in the USA. Speaking as a leader of the Czech ultra-right, he commented not just on the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer, but also on the deaths of the police officers who died during a helicopter crash when responding to the riot by posting the "score" of "3:0".  full story

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videoCzech neo-Nazis experience May Day debacle as counter-protests drown them out with music

2.5.2017 7:21 Yesterday neo-Nazi adherents assembled on náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square) in Brno, the second-biggest city in the Czech Republic, for their 1 May march. Those opposed
to them outnumbered them on the scene and were there to dance and drum.  full story

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