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September 15, 2019
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An item confiscated by customs officials at the Slovak-Ukrainian border. The t-shirt reads, in German,
An item confiscated by customs officials at the Slovak-Ukrainian border. The t-shirt reads, in German, "Martyrs of Nibelung Loyalty", which is the concept of absolute, unquestioning, excessive and potentially disastrous loyalty to a cause or person. The usage here is probably not meant ironically.

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German Chancellor marks 25th anniversary of xenophobic arson: "Right-wing extremism is the shame of the country"

3.6.2018 8:14 Right-wing extremism is still alive today and is the shame of Germany. That was the message of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on 29 May in Düsseldorf during a commemoration event for the three children and two young women who died 25 years ago during an arson attack on the home of a Turkish family in what was then the West German town of Solingen.  full story

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Romani celebrity files complaint with Czech Constitutional Court over lower court rejection of his victimization by racist threats

2.1.2018 17:24 News server reported last week that the singer Radek Banga has filed a complaint with the Czech Constitutional Court against a decision by the District Court in Kladno. The first-instance court did not consider him to have been harmed by the hateful remarks against minorities that were posted to his Facebook profile.  full story

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Czech racists threaten online to kill children because they are of Arab and Romani origin

6.11.2017 11:40 The Czech Government's HateFree Culture website is reporting that a wave of racist reactions has been prompted in the Czech-language Internet environment by a photo of first-graders from a primary school in Teplice that has been published by a local daily. The photograph and the names of the pupils and teachers was published last week on a nationalist website, and hundreds of Internet users have shared it from there, frequently with racist commentary.
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Czech Police say threats to "bring Roma children to justice" are not criminal

2.10.2017 15:09 The last two of the more than 10 criminal reports that the ROMEA organization filed with police in March of this year involving racist commentaries and threats made through Facebook were dismissed in August after being sent to Prague 1 police by the District State Prosecutor. As in the cause of the preceding two reports, the police did not find that these two incidents rose to the level of a felony.  full story

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EU ministers approve plan to suppress hate on the Internet

26.5.2017 7:40 Reuters reports that ministers of the EU Member States approved a plan on 23 May in Brussels which is meant to force the Facebook, Google and Twitter companies to more effectively eliminate hateful videos posted to their Internet platforms, the first legislative arrangements about such questions at EU level. Firms operating social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will have to take steps to eliminate videos that defend terrorism and engage in hate speech.  full story

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Czech Police charge man who insulted minorities online, he faces up to three years if convicted

15.5.2017 8:51 News server reports that the Czech Police have charged a 32-year-old man from Prostějov for authoring posts on social networking sites at the close of last year and the start of 2017 in two different discussions about current events during which he grossly insulted national minorities. František Kořínek, spokesperson for the Czech Police, told the daily Právo of the charges on Friday, 12 May.  full story

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Germany: Online social networking sites to face high fines for illegal content

17.4.2017 10:52 Online social networking sites that do not thoroughly delete illegal content could face fines in Germany of up to EUR 50 million. That is the proposal of a bill approved on 5 April by the German Government, according to the Justice Ministry there.  full story

Czech Police say threats to burn down ROMEA organization were not criminal

20.1.2017 20:50 The criminal report that the ROMEA organization filed at the beginning of December 2016 after a Facebook user threatened to burn down the organization's office has been shelved with the justification that it did not rise to the level of a felony. "The investigation undertaken did not ascertain facts from which it could reasonably be presumed that a felony had been perpetrated and justifying the beginning of prosecution under Section 158 paragraph 3 Criminal Code," reads the notification the organization received this week.  full story

Czech Center against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats will refute disinformation online

3.1.2017 6:39 On 1 January the Center against Terrorism and Hybrid Threats (Centrum proti terorismu a hybridním hrozbám) was created at the Czech Interior Ministry and will be involved in, among other things, combating domestic and foreign disinformation and propaganda, especially online. Czech President Miloš Zeman said at the close of his 2016 Christmas message that he was concerned the Center would censor the Internet.  full story

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Facebook renews original page for "We Don't Want Islam in the Czech Republic" with 160 000 fans

13.12.2016 14:43 Last Thursday, Facebook once again blocked the hate page of the group "We Don't Want Islam in the Czech Republic" (Islám v ČR nechceme - IvČRN) which had more than 70 000 fans and had been used to send death threats to a young woman who wanted to aid Afghans. On Friday Facebook then renewed the original page of the IvČRN, which was blocked in January.  full story

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Czech Islamophobes have a problem: Konvička has quit yet another political party and Facebook has closed their hate page

13.12.2016 12:41 The Islamophobe Martin Konvička has left the political party "Alternative for the Czech Republic" (Alternativa pro Českou republiku) after unsuccessfully running as its candidate in the October Senate elections in the Tábor area. On Facebook he has posted that he stopped believing in the party's project.  full story

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Commentary: Online social networks censor photos of Syrian war, ignore dissemination of hatred

7.12.2016 13:14 Recently Facebook covered over a couple of photographs on my profile with a grey rectangle because they were not appropriate for children. One photo, from wartime Aleppo, showed the corpse of a child with his leg bent at a right angle at the tibia and other corpses mutilated by a bomb explosion after an attack by Assad's army and the Russians.  full story

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Czech-language online hoax alleges terrorist attack in Prague in order to steal personal data

29.7.2016 8:10 A false alarm was spread in the Czech language on Facebook this past Wednesday alleging that a terrorist attack with hundreds of victims had happened in Prague. Thousands of people shared the disinformation on social networks.  full story

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Czech Republic: Roma report racism to Facebook after calls for "gypsies" to be set on fire are posted

8.7.2016 8:34 A person presenting herself on Facebook as "Bára Fictumová" now awaits criminal investigation after two Romani people, the well-known activist Jan Čonka and journalist Patrik Banga, filed a report of criminal activity over a post on that page. Fictumová has sadly now become famous on Facebook by posting the following message:  full story

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RVN Editor Valery Novoselsky: Everything online becomes visible, even in the mahallas

15.9.2015 18:59 Anyone who has become interested in Romani issues during the past 15 years has probably come across the Roma Virtual Network (RVN) online, a set of 33 listservs in 20 languages, Romani included, that aggregates online information about Romani issues and shares it with more than 10 000 subscribers. News server interviewed RVN’s editor, Valery Novoselsky, about this work and RVN's future plans.  full story

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Police across Central and Eastern Europe investigating online death threats against refugees

6.9.2015 21:09 News server reports that the Polish Prosecutor-General will be investigating the hateful commentary targeting migrants now turning up in Internet discussion forums. The authors of some posts are proposing, for example, that Syrian refugees all be sent to the former Nazi death camp at Auschwitz.  full story

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