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June 28, 2022




The FK  Baník Sokolov football club has opened a training camp for children from excluded localities in Sokolov, Czech Republic (February 2022). (PHOTO:  Agency for Social Inclusion)
The FK Baník Sokolov football club has opened a training camp for children from excluded localities in Sokolov, Czech Republic (February 2022). (PHOTO: Agency for Social Inclusion)

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Russia: The World Cup begins with concerns about homophobia, racism, and violence

16.6.2018 17:13 The World Cup could mean many bans and restrictions for Russian people themselves which the authorities hope will increase security for the more than one million football fans from all over the world coming to Moscow. Some media outlets and foreign authorities are warning visitors against possible World Cup pitfalls.  full story

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Czech Police propose indicting football fans who assaulted African man on a Prague tram for racist reasons

4.6.2018 14:33 After an investigation lasting six months, the Czech Police are proposing charges against the three Sigma Olomouc football fans who assaulted a man from West Africa on a tram in Prague last November, resulting in his hospitalization. Several assailants were arrested by police the same day of the incident and the investigation was begun.  full story

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Czech football fans who assaulted African man on Prague tram have not been banned from matches

9.2.2018 6:39 Fans of the football club Sigma Olomouc who assaulted a man from West Africa last November on a Prague tram have not yet been banned from attending the club's matches despite the fact that club spokesperson Petr Pelíšek, responding to the incident in the fall, said the club was prepared to cooperate with police on measures to ban them. News server Olomoucký deník reported last week that Sigma Olomouc does not yet know the identity of the perpetrators of the incident.  full story

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Czech Republic pays billions of crowns to nonprofits - who gets most of it?

23.3.2017 15:58 According to Czech President Miloš Zeman, nonprofit organizations are "leeches on the state budget", and other Czech politicians are now deciding to ride his wave of criticism of the nonprofit sector or of "political nonprofits". Investigative news server Hlídací has published a new overview of where the public financing for the nonprofit sector in the Czech Republic actually goes.  full story

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Documentary film "FC Roma" nominated for the Czech Film Critics' Award

6.1.2017 9:50 "FC Roma", a documentary film by Rozálie Kohoutová and Tomáš Bojar showing racial issues through the eyes of a football club comprised predominantly of Romani players competing in a district-level championship, has been nominated for the Czech Film Critics' Award for 2016. In the year 2014, some clubs did not want to play with the FC Roma club, but the situation has changed today and the team is no longer just winning through forfeiture.  full story

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videoGoal of his career! Romani footballer Ricardo Quaresma sends Portugal to EURO 2016 quarterfinals

26.6.2016 9:04 Portugal has become the third quarterfinalist in the EURO 2016 football championship underway now in France. In yesterday's smash hit, Portugal, the winner of the "Czech " Core Group D, overwhelmed Croatia 1 : 0 in extra time after substitute Ricardo Quaresma scored a goal at 117 minutes.  full story

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videoHighest-paid Hungarian footballer of all time is Romani

14.1.2016 19:50 What has been suspected for several days has now been officially confirmed. Hungarian footballer Norbert Balogh will continue his career as a player in the highest Italian competition, the A Series, as a member of Palermo.  full story

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Czech football fans hang up Islamophobic banner during match, team later apologizes

14.8.2015 21:07 During a football match on 2 August between the Bohemians 1905 and FK Jablonec teams, fans from Jablonec nad Nisou hung up a banner in the stands that insulted Muslims. The provocative caricature depicted a Nordic female carrying a shield inscribed with "Europe" and kicking a pig wearing a turban, who is dropping a copy of the Koran as a result.  full story

A friendly football match between TJ Junior Roma Děčín and FC Embassies Praha took place on 21 September 2014 in the town of Děčín. (PHOTO:  Czech News Agency)

videoCzech Republic: Romani footballers play embassy employees

Děčín, 21.9.2014 21:39, (ROMEA) The friendly football match between the local TJ Junior Roma football club and representatives of eight embassies drew as many as 200 spectators to Děčín today. The match was held in response to the fact that several teams from the Děčín area refused to play the Romani team, comprised predominantly of Romani people in the district-level third class.  full story

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Czech Republic: Embassy employees invite rejected Romani footballers to protest match

Děčín/Prague, 9.9.2014 23:20, (ROMEA) News server reports that employees of the embassies of Great Britain, Northern European countries and the USA are traveling to the Czech town of Děčín to play football with the Junior Roma Football Club, which recently participated in the third-class district championship there. The embassy staffers are responding to the fact that several teams in that competition rebelled and refused to compete with the Romani footballers.  full story

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