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October 19, 2021




A daily journal of the lives of Romani families - their traditions, artisanry, holidays and everyday moments - is presented by the Museum of Romani Culture's exhibition
A daily journal of the lives of Romani families - their traditions, artisanry, holidays and everyday moments - is presented by the Museum of Romani Culture's exhibition "Impressions of Journeys to the Roma. The Photography of Claude and Marie-José Carret".

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Czech capital to see seminar on stereotypes in the photographic depictions of Jewish and Romani people

8.10.2018 20:15 On Monday, 15 October, an international seminar about stereotypical depictions of Jewish and Romani people in photography will be held in Prague. The event will involve an historical review as well as the presentation of two unique art projects that have recently been produced on this subject.  full story

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Amateur photo contest won with images of Romani people sparks hateful reactions on Czech internet

30.7.2018 10:06 An amateur photography competition called "One Day in Přerov" was recently organized by that town in the Czech Republic, and of the more than 20 photographs submitted, the series capturing the life of Romani people there, taken by Iris Kopplhuber of Austria, won the award. The winner was chosen by visitors to the town's website, who voted for their favorites.  full story

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Czech Republic: "Middle class" Roma share photos on Facebook of themselves casting ballots in lower house election

23.10.2017 7:30 Photographs of Romani people casting votes during this year's elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic flooded Facebook on Friday and Saturday. Some photographs were shared publicly, others just with friends, and those posting urged other Romani people to go to the polls.  full story

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PHOTOGALLERY: Commemorative ceremony honoring the memories of the Romani victims of the Holocaust at Lety u Písku

16.5.2017 7:38 On Saturday, 13 May 2017, the tradiional commemorative ceremony honoring the memory of the Romani victims of the Holocaust was held at Lety u Písku. The ceremony was
organized by the Committee for the Redress of the Roma Holocaust (Výbor pro odškodnění romského holokaustu - VPORH), which brings together former prisoners of the Nazi
camps and their family members, as well as those who lost family members in the camps.  full story

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Czech Republic: Museum of Romani Culture opens retrospective of photographer Nihad Nino Pušija

10.5.2017 7:01 Tomorrow at 17:00 the Museum of Romani Culture will open the exhibition "Parno Gras" by Nihad Nino Pušija, the renowned photographer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pušija lives in Berlin, Germany and wanders between different cultures and states as an intercultural migrant.  full story

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Son of former Czech President disseminates photo online with misleading Islamophobic commentary

19.2.2017 19:51 Václav Klaus, Jr. published a photograph from Iran on his Facebook profile on 15 February that purported to show women in Iran having to sit on the floor while the men around them were seated on chairs, commenting on it as follows: "A picture is sometimes worth more than a thousand words. This is (now this weekend) the beginning of the Women's World Chess Championship in Tehran. This is about female journalists - I don't know whether Iranian or from abroad. This is a decent country, uncontrolled street violence does not happen here. They are not far from developing a nuclear weapon. Despite that, their idea that a woman is considered the kind of being that is closer to a dog - doesn't that give you mixed emotions?"  full story

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Russian news servers spread hoax that "Western media" are faking reports of civilians rescuing children in Aleppo

16.12.2016 17:28 Last month the Facebook social networking site saw a massive dissemination of a collage of photographs from Aleppo, Syria that allegedly "proved" that "Western media" reports about the situation in Aleppo were being manipulated. Those sharing the photographs alleged they had been manipulated to show different Syrian men rescuing the same little girl in three different places.  full story

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"Roma Rising" exhibition featuring portraits of Roma from Czech Republic to open in Kladno

13.9.2016 7:12 On Thursday, 15 September at 17:00 the exhibition "Roma Rising" will open at the Sládečkovo Vlastivědné Muzeum (the Sládeček Museum of Local History) in the Czech town of Kladno and will remain on view until 27 November 2016. The exhibition features portraits of Roma from the Czech Republic who have managed to make it in mainstream society and honors their bravery and determination.  full story

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videoVIDEO: Romani Gallery Phundaro Vudar - "Oppression-Depression-Passion"

15.8.2016 13:21 Last week, as part of the Prague Pride festival, the ARA ART organization opened its third exhibition at the Gallery Phundaro Vudar. The exhibition features the work of a young gay Romani photographer, Milan Junek, who does art photography of male nudes.
 full story

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Czech Republic: ARA ART exhibition features art photography of male nudes

10.8.2016 12:32 As part of the Prague Pride week festival celebrating the LGBT community, the ARA ART organization is opening its third exhibition in the series organized by its Gallery Phundaro Vudar. The exhibition features work by a young photographer of Romani origin, Milan Junek, who specializes in art photography including nudes.  full story

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