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December 8, 2019
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Otakar Chládek.  (PHOTO:  personal archive of Otakar Chládek, collage by
Otakar Chládek. (PHOTO: personal archive of Otakar Chládek, collage by

Czech Republic: Romani child adopted by a non-Romani family tells his story

4.3.2017 11:31 Otakar Chládek (age 21) was born in and grew up in the Pardubice Region and holds a certificate as a waiter from the Zámek High School for Crafts, Services and Trades in Žamberk, Czech Republic. He currently is attending a medical course for emergency medical technicians and would like to complete his secondary education after that.  full story

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Czech Republic: ARA ART launches campaign to support LGBT Roma

9.1.2017 8:32 The ARA ART organization has launched a campaign to support Romani gays and lesbians who face hateful, homophobic, racist or vulgar abuse. The association has published a brief video online in which Romani gays and lesbians talk about what it meant to them to come out about their sexual orientation.  full story

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Czech Republic: Gay Romani man's week includes a racist assault with a gun, rejection from a bar and strange police treatment

16.9.2015 20:55 At the beginning of August, I experienced several amazing days with the organization ARA ART. I participated in the first international Roma LGBT conference. As part of the conference, together with six other gay Roma, I took part in the Theater of the Oppressed by putting on a play about being Roma and gay. At the conference, I met 20 other Romani LGBT. In our free time, we were able to enjoy ourselves freely in clubs and other entertainment facilities without being discriminated against. All this changed upon my return to the mundane reality of the city of Ostrava.  full story

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Denmark marks 25th anniversary of becoming the first country to permit registered partnerships

Copenhagen/Prague, 29.9.2014 21:48, (ROMEA) Laws legalizing same-sex marriages are being commonly introduced today and famous figures are openly revealing their same-sex orientation. Liberal societies have grown accustomed to seeing the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community as a minority whose rights must be defended.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Prague Pride attended by 17 000, including Roma

Prague, 17.8.2014 2:34, (ROMEA) The LGBT pride parade that marched through Prague from Wenceslas Square to the Letná Park on Saturday, 16 August was attended by anywhere between 15 000 and 17 000 well-wishers of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community, a slight decline from last year's numbers. Bohdana Rambousková, speaking on behalf of the organizers, told the Czech News Agency that the lower attendance was evidently influenced by the weather.  full story

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