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September 17, 2021




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Czech Public Health Institute focuses on Romani children's health, odds are against those in social exclusion

16.7.2018 5:33 The health of Romani people is worse than that of the majority population in the Czech Republic. This fact is caused primarily, for socially excluded Romani people, by their insufficient awareness about healthful lifestyles, their lower educations, and their lower incomes.  full story

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videoMichal Miko to the Czech Regional Development Minister: Live in a container yourself, then we will see what you think of it

21.4.2018 11:51 The proposal of the Czech Regional Development Minister to build 55 000 "container" units of housing has outraged various civic activists. Michal Miko, project coordinator for the Slovo 21, z.s. NGO, has taken an unequivocally negative stance on the issue: "The fact that the Government wants to adopt a law making it possible to build 'container' apartment units is unacceptable to me as a civic activist."  full story

Czech Govt to build 55 000 "cells" for the poor, Platform for Social Housing says thousands of new ghettos will result

30.3.2018 20:28 According to a new proposal from the Czech Regional Development Ministry, the Czech Government wants to build a new type of accommodation for the country's impoverished inhabitants, so-called "social homes". There could be as many as 55 000 "cells" involved.

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Czech Caritas says changes to housing benefit may launch an avalanche of homelessness

29.11.2017 8:16 Representatives of Caritas Czech Republic are criticizing recent restrictions on housing benefits for people living in so-called areas with an "increased incidence of undesirable phenomena" and in residential hotels because the new rules could lead to an increased number of homeless persons. The organization is one of the biggest aiding those in need.  full story

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Head of Czech development aid organization notices situation in Romani ghettos all but unchanged

28.7.2017 9:21 "Always, naturally, somebody can be found who doesn't care for this part of our work. Even in that aspect, however, the situation is changing. Previously the absolute majority of people had a simplified reaction: 'Why, for God's sake, are you aiding the gypsies? It would be better to go to Africa to aid the black people.' Today most people comprehend that this is a problem that must be solved," said Šimon Pánek, a former student leader of Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution who is director of the People in Need development organization in an interview for news server Dení marking its 25th anniversary.  full story

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Czech survey finds 45 % of Romani ghetto residents don't trust police, 42 % do

26.4.2017 10:30 Roughly 45 % of the Romani residents of the so-called excluded localities do not trust the Czech Police. Two-thirds of those surveyed believe police officers have prejudices against Romani people.  full story

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Vice-chair of Czech party says new social housing law unnecessary, Romani activist disagrees

23.2.2017 11:01 Czech MP Markéta Pekarová Adamová, the vice-chair of the opposition TOP 09 party, was a guest of Czech Radio's "Interview Plus" program on 16 February. During her appearance she expressed her reservations about the social housing bill that the current Government promised, in its program declaration, to approve.  full story

Czech town "celebrates" 10th anniversary of Romani evictions and creation of ghetto with fireworks

4.10.2016 12:14 Romani tenants of "container housing" in the locality of Poschlá on the outskirts of the Czech town of Vsetín would like to move away, ideally back into town. "We are from Vsetín, we want to remain living there and we would like to have the same conditions as everybody else," Marián Tulej, who administers the housing units, told journalists yesterday.  full story

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