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May 27, 2022



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Czech Constitutional Court upholds suspended sentence for Nazi symbol on vehicle

8.12.2016 19:33 The Czech Constitutional Court has rejected the complaint of a driver who pasted the image of the Nazi Third Reich Eagle and swastika, i.e., a symbol of Nazi Germany, across the rear windshield of his vehicle. He was convicted, given a suspended sentence, and has appealed to successively higher instances.  full story

Ilustrated photo: Wikimedia Commons, Zereshk

US clinic keeps black staff away from white newborn

Detroit, Michigan, USA, 23.2.2013 20:28, (ROMEA) Several black nurses recently filed charges against a clinic in the US state of Michigan after its management acceded to an illegal request to ban black staff from coming into contact with a hospitalized patient. The Associated Press reports that it is an "open secret" that health care facilities in the USA often make it possible for patients to refuse treatment by doctors and nurses who are not of their same race.  full story

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Hungary: Swastikas, SS symbols legal to display as of May

Budapest, Hungary, 21.2.2013 23:03, (ROMEA) On Tuesday, the Hungarian Constitutional Court abolished a statute banning the public use of symbols of totalitarian power. The symbols concerned are the hammer and sickle, the Nazi swastika, and the red five-pointed star. The court said the ban violated the right to freedom of speech and was not worded precisely enough  full story

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Klaus family's secret police past fuels graffiti in Prague

Prague, 11.2.2013 17:42, (ROMEA) TV Nova reports that the building of the PORG academic high school in Prague, run by Václav Klaus, Jr, the son of the outgoing Czech President, has been spray-painted with red stars, a swastika, and the initials Š. M. According to the TV Nova report, the vandal was evidently responding to an article published in the Saturday edition of the Czech daily Lidové noviny reporting that Štefan Miština, the father-in-law of President Klaus, was a high official in the secret political police of the Slovak state during WWII and personally participated in the persecution of Jewish people.  full story

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